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    Psychho got a reaction from Gugis in Box2dweb top-down friction   
    Set linear damping in your pool balls bodyDef.
    Change to this 
    var ballBody = new b2BodyDef;ballBody.type = b2Body.b2_dynamicBody;ballBody.linearDamping = 0.3; Also if you want you can also set angularDamping to make the balls stop spinning.
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    Psychho reacted to YellowAfterlife in Any alternatives to requestAnimationFrame/setTimeout/setInterval that don't run asynchronously?   
    Having code structured like

    render()handle_physics()Would have ensured that physics-related code is ran -after- rendering code. Although, provided that part of code remains synchronous, this most likely would not solve your problem.Perhaps a setTimeout(handler, 0) would help at running code "just after" rendering.
    I heavily doubt that this is the source of problem though.
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    Psychho reacted to Nikke in Ironbane MMO looking for programmers   
    We have a list of open issues on GitHub here:
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    Psychho reacted to Evan Burchard in *Tutorial* Rotating Cube and Entities using Metrix.js and Three.js   
    Incredibly interested over here.  You made/are making a flight simulator, FPS, and a 3D survival horror game in a weekend.  I can't speak for anyone else, but that sounds like an awesome ability a lot of people would want to have.
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    Psychho got a reaction from Rune in Join us for Battle: Dirt (FiMaRu Contest #4)   
    This week i'm making Danger: Dirt, a small survival fps with a low-poly art style. Its going to be pretty simple just killing dirt/rock monsters, trying not to die and finding new weapons as you kill more monsters.

    Looking forward to seeing the other entries for this competition, DIRT is a great theme i'm hoping to see some building/minecraftish games.