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  1. Stopped using TypeScript. I didn't see any other benefit than Intellisense. WebStorm does a pretty good job with code intelligence already if code is properly documented with JSDoc. I don't like how TS forces you to think statically and create workarounds just to make things compile. I could put up with it if it gave performance improvements but it doesn't. My workflow suffers. SLOW compilation. Just OK on WebStorm. Maybe people who like it are on Windows and use VS2012. I use Linux and Mac.
  2. Whoa! I would have thought they would be the same, a['foo'] === I discovered issues with JsPerf in the past though when I was testing callbacks vs promises but that was async code.
  3. Cuz I suck at everything else why not suck at making HTML 5 games too j/k We play board games at our startup every couple of weeks.Tried Settlers of Catan online and it sucks balls in a Java Applet. One of the worst gaming experiences ever. Shouldn't be that hard. Hope to build something like it as my first game.
  4. @ipop If you want just want to play with the examples, the best way is to clone the github repo and edit the iframe's html page. For example, docs/examples/isometric-placing-avatar0.html That's the generated html page for the iframe. Our literate markdown utility assigns an ID to each example in a page starting at 0. You need to run an HTTP server from that directory.
  5. Hey all, I've been creating a series of isometric tutorials and guides as I learn pixi.js for a game platform we are building. Any feedback appreciated. BTW, I'm more of a backend developer and this is really my first week into game programming other than a space invaders game I built as part of my university course way back when. I've been doing node for a couple of years so my JS fu is pretty good, my gaming fu I am working on
  6. I understand the simplicity of the 2D array. I would have thought though that dereferencing two arrays is more costly than computing the index and derefererncing once. Moreover, it's more allocated objects.
  7. I notice most examples on the web represent terrain or map as an array of arrays. var terrain = [ [0, 1, 0], [1, 0, 0],];This can also be represented as var terrain = [ 0, 1, 0, 1, 0, 0];var rows = 2, cols = 3;Is there a reason why array of arrays is used? You can see in perf test the flat array is faster. After I cached the length of the 2D array the differences were minimal.
  8. mgutz


    I created one using ImageMagick that emits a compatible JSON. See Creating Sprite Sheets on our github dev page.