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  1. Hello,we are looking for webgl games to buy,games like Racing,FPS,multiplayer action games are ideal for us,iff you have any games ready then please give me links to test. regards, nandakumar
  2. Hello,will you work with me to create racing games in unity ?
  3. Hello, Unity have annonced Unity5 now so we are looking for developers who can supply webgl games. we are want 3D games not exceeding 30mb. racing games with 10 levels and shooting games,Firstperson shooting games etc will be fine with us now. we are still working with developers to overcome webgl version games,size of build exceed alot but we can stream level by level to avoid large file size loading. If any one want to provide us webgl games regularly with fixed price in bulk like 20 games. please send me PM for more details. read you soon.
  4. I just posted regarding this,i do have few clients who ask for new games,i can sell your games.
  5. Hello, i do have few friends/publishers who take HTML5 games.if anyone have quality games to sell then please contact me. cheers!!!
  6. Hello we developing unity3D racing games in bulk,monthly 40-50 games.with reasonable price compared to industry prices. http://goo.gl/ojMQYH above is the sample gameplay of a game we developed. Pm me for more details on Price and license. read you soon, Wizardstudioz.
  7. i think i will be mentioning in sponsors page and experience about them,price they offered or terms.i wish you say in detail about lederbolt ads metrics and with ecpm on each game that will help us which ad type we must choose and what is effictive.
  8. iphone4,4s,5, ipad 2 samsung galaxy s3,HTC sensation,HTC desire z IE - Lagging Crome Good Firefox Good Safari Good Opera Terrible
  9. Thanks Tyson,can you show me your games i wanna take a look if cocos2d html5 is running smooth for mobile web then it will be fun. PS: any one can link me to cocos2d html5 mobile web games?
  10. Hello Everyone, i have a doubt and i did some google search to find answer but i felt this is best place to ask. Is cocos2d HTML5 is good for mobile web? is that ready yet?according to cocos2d website it says they are working on supporting mobile web.i want to develop cocos2d native app like games for mobile web but am afraid if its ready or not. Please recommend me a good engine which is as good as cocos2d. regards, Wizardstudioz
  11. i just wanna know if this game can attract few publishers with multiplayer mode,these games sell well?
  12. As sandy234 said i got same results in Iphone 5 and 4s safari,HTC sensation Crome