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  1. Hi, My name is Bilge Kaan. I've been making HTML5 Games since 2013. You can check my portfolio here: Thank you, Bilge Kaan
  2. Hey, Before iOS 9, when you turn your device to landscape mode, it was hiding the bars automatically. But now I couldn't find any way to do it. Is there anyone know how to hide browser bars in landscape mode? Thank you!
  3. My Construct 2 template is on Greenlight* Yeah... It may even pass the greenlit. Here: Here's my template: (I'm not the guy who put it on greenlit though)
  4. You can write your own plugin with JS and effects with GLSL. You're not limited with official plugins and there are lots of custom plugins on the forum. 90% of the time I don't use the mouse in C2 events, it's really fast and like coding. Also here's an article about sprite exports in C2: I think you should check the manual again before giving up on C2.
  5. I'm also studying at university but I'm spending my time making HTML5 games. Actually, I didn't select making HTML5 games because it was popular or profitable. I found Construct 2 was the best engine for me and it exports HTML5.
  6. Spacescape mechanics was from One Button Bob made by ninjadoodle. I would like to recommend you to play it too.
  7. The character looks similar because I've made both of them lol. If you're interested you can buy the graphics here: Mechanics and level design look similar to Panda Love that I've made: Also there's this game combine both already : (by Primajin)
  8. My all games are made with Construct 2. You can check my portfolio here: I highly recommend C2.
  9. You're right, I will change it now. Is there any other texts that looks like yours ? Let me know so I can change them too. Edit: Done
  10. Hey Matt, Sorry, what texts you mean copied? Are they in the post? Let me know so I can change them. Of course you're one of my inspiration for monetizing HTML5 games but you're not really my inspiration for making a WordPress website.
  11. They've reached me for my 3 non-exclusive games. We're currently on QA. QA a bit slow. I will let you know when my games are published. Update: They're legit, I got the payment today.
  12. Hey, I've written a post about my experience of make money with HTML5 games. You can read it here: Hope it helps!
  13. I just published a quick post on my blog about some of my favorite free tools. Here is the link: FREE Handy Tools For Game Developers Hope you guys like it!
  14. All of the templates are made with C2. But there is also graphics may help your project. Thank you!
  15. Hey Guys! I’ve decided to make HTML5 Game Templates and Graphics giveaway . Everyone subscribes the website will get a random Template or Graphics! Here is the list of what you may get. Click this link to join the giveaway : ... -graphics/ Also you can follow me on twitter for a chance to get an extra item! Please don’t forget to share or leave a comment on this thread! I will give 2 random items for each if the subscriber count passes 1k.
  16. @Yashash Thank you! Did you run the game on the stock browser of S4 ? I've tested on the stock browser and it was really smooth.
  17. I've added a background music , facebook/twitter share and fixed the car duplicate / store coin bugs. Thank you guys for your feedbacks. I really appreciate it. @Gods There was a game called "no break" if I am not remember wrong. @oomfr Thanks! @AzraelTycka Thanks for the explanation mate! You're right It would increase the competition but I don't think the lap time would differ that much also I will leave the score system like that. This kind of time recording would be good in a statics section though.
  18. Wow guys, thanks a lot for the feedbacks, you are awesome! I'm going to check what I can do to improve the game. I'll probably leave the mechanics like that but a background sound and fixing the glitch is must.
  19. My New Mobile HTML5 Game Stay On The Road. It is avaiable for licensing! Here is the game : Stay On The Road Let me know, whether you like it or not. Enjoy!
  20. Thank you for the feedback. The template has 3 custom plugins are quite reliable since they are out like for 3-4 years. But if there will be any problem about the plugins I will cut them before I disappear
  21. Super Platformer Engine is a great time saver for platform games. This template has lots of ready to use objects and mechanics you can add to your game easily. I’ve been working on this Construct 2 Template for a while, now it is available! Here is the Store Page Hope you guys like it!