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  1. I don't think C2 offers a Mac version for now. You'll need say Parallel Desktop on Mac to run Windows program. I have no experience with Gamemaker, so can't really do a comparison.
  2. I have heard that Android 2.3.x (apart from 4.x) is still a very popular platform out there... One possible workaround is to convert your HTML5 game into native Android app to boost performance: http://www.ludei.com/ It is offering free cloud services to do the trick. The result is promising. But one may argue that it is not a true HTML5 game anymore...
  3. On Android side I got 3 devices for testing: 1. Above-average spec device: Nexus 7 (good value for money!) running latest Android 4.3 2. Average spec device: Kindle Fire flashed to Android 4.1 3. Low-end spec device; A Android phone running 2.3.4 For HTML-5 games, it runs horrible in 3 above, unless you repackage it to native Android app by using CocoonJS cloud service. On iOS side, also 3 devices: 1. iPhone 4S running iOS 5 2. iPad 2 running iOS 6 3. iPhone 5 (belonging to my wife) running iOS6 HTML-5 games run good in general across iOS devices, except for sound issues. H
  4. A very encouraging post and congratulations to Solidus! I have made two HTML5 games personally but so far i have only got 1 non-exclusive license sold. I desperately need more exposure to sponsor or game publishers. The free-to-play model also sounds promising, given the support of a strong F2P portal. Thank you very much for your transparency. Appreciate it!
  5. Construct 2 (C2) is good for beginner. The learning curve is less steep considering that one does not need much programming background to use it. And the good thing is that the free version already allows you to do some simple games. You can then decide if you want to go for a personal license or not. You may also extend C2 by building your own plug-in using Javascript, which is some advanced features.
  6. What did you use to build you game? I use Construct 2 and both music and sound effects are playing OK when run directly from FGL. Hope this helps.
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