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  1. The compiler for HTML5 is a great asset during the entire game making process. If you aren't using it, then I assume you will be testing your games with the Windows compiler. The problem is that HTML5 is very limited in what it can accomplish when compared to other platforms like Windows. You'll want to be testing each large change to your game as you develop. Also, if you are releasing your game with a mobile HTML5 approach in mind, then you will definitely want to be testing your game every step of the way. Here's my suggestion, don't buy the HTML5 compiler until you feel you have some goo
  2. Check out these articles if you like using Construct2: https://www.scirra.com/blog/85/the-great-html5-mobile-gaming-performance-comparison https://www.scirra.com/blog/107/boosting-mobile-html5-game-performance-with-webgl My suggestion would be to find a list of games made using Construct2 and GM:S, and then try them on your devices.
  3. Which devices did you use for testing? Certain OS version are better at handling HTML5 than others. I have never used Construct 2 for mobile HTML5, but I have used GameMaker. Most GameMaker games run slowly on older OS versions, but some games do work fine. If you are going for a mobile approach, I would suggest not making high action games and being conscious of how much is going on in your game (memory usage, objects, etc).
  4. Has anyone else noticed that the site went down the same day the person behind the Twitter account started trying to make contacts with other devs? Did I miss something?
  5. Fun game. Worked on PC using Firefox 23. It ran slow on my Samsung Galaxy Ace but so does everything. It worked fine on my Nexus 7, but it took a long time to load. It was probably my WiFi, though. Some things I slightly didn't like, but maybe you are still working on them: I don't notice the time bar while playing. My focus is near the bottom of the screen. The black triangles at the sides of the screen might look better if they had environmental art instead. The paddle makes me think of bounce/reflect games whereas your game is about catching items. Maybe change the paddle design. (Sorry i
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