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  1. Create things that are relentlessly, disgustingly beautiful.

  2. Terra Slicer Slice the screen... carefully. PLAY A little toy/arcade game I've put together to test the waters of selling HTML5 licenses. Focusing on a high quality experience, reliable stability and natural controls across every possible browser/platform. Built using CreateJS and CoffeeScript. HTML5 cross-browser/platform arcade game with elegant preloading, resolution independence, intuitive and satisfyingly smooth touch controls. 134KB Javascript, 710KB total transfer. Should work at a minimum on desktop browsers (Safari 7+, Firefox 30+, IE 9+, Chrome 35+) and touch screens (iOS/Andro
  3. ABC ZOOM Unravel the mystery of the Polaris Learn about charge PLAY ZOOM is an educational point and click adventure we (2and2) just finished building for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Just a pure HTML5 canvas game (so it works on IE9, Safari, Firefox, etc) - all done in CreateJS. Should run on just about any mobile device, although it's designed for tablets. Helps if you clear your memory first, just in case! There are nine mini games connected by a science fiction story that exposes you to various aspects of how charge affects things across different magnifications. More det
  4. How do you set the bounds/origin for an animated sprite (v95)? For a static image setting width/height works (although it crops the image) but animations seem to override all values every frame. To get around this at the moment I'm using a separate sprite for collisions, but this is going to get a bit unworkable as I need more sprite overlaps.
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