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  1. If it helps you any I tested your game and... I get 60 in chrome. 17 in Firefox but still playable. 10 in IE11 with a lot of glitches. Didn't run at all in Safari. 60 in Opera. All under Windows 10. EDIT: I just tried your game in Edge and a strange thing happened. The game was running at 43 fps but was visibly sluggish, then suddenly the frame rate dropped to 15 but the sluggishness disappeared and the game was running as fast as it ran in Chrome at 60. So mwatt's probably right. It looks like you've got a bug in your code somewhere.
  2. gsgames

    Web hosting

    Thanks qdrj and harsh Bhati, I've been checking out the tutorials on DO and it seems you need to know a lot about the Linux command shell if you want a secure site. I think I'm going to install Ubuntu server on my desktop and start learning there.
  3. gsgames

    Web hosting

    @qdrj I'm assuming your RoboWhale.com site is the one your hosting on DigitalOcean. Which pricing plan are you using. Or more to the point, do you think the $5 plan would be sufficient for 250 daily UV's?
  4. Bought it! I still have every single issue of Compute's Gazette (C64 mag) stored away in my basement so Interphase should bring back a lot of pleasant memories. Thanks, Rich.
  5. Sublime Text is free for evaluation. You're supposed to buy it afterwards.
  6. How does the iPhone relate to the iPod Touch? Are the generations equal? iPhone 4 = iPod Touch 4?
  7. Those of you who've bought it, did you really listen to the sound effects? I bought such a sound library (InstantSoundFX) a few years ago for a $19.95 which seemed like a bargain but most of the sounds had so much hissing in the background as to be unusable.
  8. I believe that if you hide it like that then it's just one impression no matter how many times you show it, plus it will be the same ad every time. You need to reload a fresh ad each time you show it to count as multiple impressions. How else will the ad company know that you're showing the ad multiple times. But as Sandy234 pointed out It's usually clicks that earn you the money.
  9. Each time you show the ad counts as one impression. Showing an interstitial between levels or rounds of play is common practice so your plan is good, but what you might want to do is setup a timer in your game and only show the ad if a certain amount of time has passed so bad players who keep dying after just 10 seconds won't be bombarded with ads.
  10. I think your conclusion as to why Mochi Media is shutting down may be wrong. The Mochi staff, including one of it's founders I believe, offered to buy Mochi from Shanda implying that Mochi is still turning a profit, but Shanda for their own high end corporate reasons refused to sell it back to them opting to just shut it down and take a loss. In spite of all the speculation online about why Mochi is shutting down, the fact that Mochi's staff wanted to buy the company back leaves little doubt that the shut down is corporate shenanigans and not a profitability issue. There's no question th
  11. Yes, It was the sound thing that was my concern. It's been 6 months since I last used it. I'll give it another go.
  12. Have any of you found the HTML5 target suitable for mobile dev though? I think it's geared more towards desktop HTML5.
  13. You're better off just making the game with place holder graphics that are the same dimensions as the actual graphics so then your artist can simple redraw everything. You definitely don't want to create the graphics first as you're going to be making changes to the game as you develop it.
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