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  1. The whole reason WebGL exists is the reason that it uses GPU. Canvas already uses CPU. But to leverage the power of GPU, WebGL was created. You can think WebGL as OpenGL for web. The reason there are not many games in WebGL is that WebGL is new. There are still not many game engines and tutorials. I doubt if AAA game industry will choose WebGL platform because native platforms are still very fast as compared to WebGL.
  2. No doubt, multiplayer games are fun to play. I like them a lot. Consoles like PS4 and XOne are also getting lot of multiplayer games. But the same is not with web platform. I believe the reason is multiplayer games are not easy to make. They take time and are complicated. You have to write both a client program and a server application. This is the reason many game developers do not consider making multiplayer games. But with new cloud technologies making multiplayer games is getting easy and cheap. All developers who are interested in making multiplayer games should check out these new clou
  3. Once again I am going to shamelessly introduce AppWarp , the multiplayer game engine, on which me and my team work. AppWarp is a real time multiplayer game engine. The beauty of AppWarp is that it is a Cloud based service. So, you don't even need to deploy and maintain any server. In fact you don't even need to write server side code. All you need to do is make API calls through our JS SDK. And It's free for indie game developers.This can save a lot of your resources. You should check it out atleast for once. Here is the dev center link http://appwarp.shephertz.com/game-development-center
  4. You don't need to write server side code. You can try out my company's multiplayer game engine `AppWarp`. It is a cloud based service and hence does not require you to deploy and maintain server. You don't even need to write server side. We provide APIs for all the multiplayer functionality. It's free for Indies. And Oh! Yeah! I am the one who wrote the HTML5 SDK for AppWarp I can guide you if you are willing to try out AppWarp Here is a getting started guide : http://appwarp.shephertz.com/game-development-center/the-chat-app-walkthrough/
  5. That's ok. But you should check out AppWarp atleast once. It is not restricted to a certain game engine. You can use AppWarp HTML5 SDK with any HTML5 game engine. And it's also easy to get started. Moreover it will cost you less compared to hosting a server yourself. AppWarp also have free plan for Indies. By the way I am part of AppWarp Development team ;-) So you can ask me anytime regarding AppWarp. And even if you don't want to use AppWarp and write your own server, go head, you can still ask me anything. I will be happy to help you Thanks
  6. Hi, According to your requirements, you should check out App42. App42 supports lots of features including Leaderboards. And it's cross platform. Check out App42 here http://api.shephertz.com Thanks
  7. I can suggest you AppWarp cloud service. AppWarp supports creation of Multiplayer games. It has features like Rooms, Lobby, MatchMaking, etc. Here is a tutorial for creating multiplayer game/app in HTML5 http://appwarp.sheph...pp-walkthrough/ Thanks
  8. Hi! Why don't you try AppWarp. AppWarp is multiplayer game engine and being a cloud service you don't even have to worry about servers. It's also free for Indie Game developers (up to a certain limit). AppWarp has all the features that a multiplayer game might require like Rooms, Lobby, MatchMaking, etc. AppWarp is cross platform and supports a lot of platforms including HTML5. Here is a tutorial for creating multiplayer game/app in HTML5 http://appwarp.shephertz.com/game-development-center/the-chat-app-walkthrough/ Thanks
  9. Hi fellow devs, Recently I wrote a tutorial about using mulitplayer game engine `AppWarp` with cocos2d-js along with Facebook sdk. I though sharing here may help someone. So if you are trying to make multiplayer game using HTML5 then you can read my article here http://blogs.shephertz.com/2014/12/23/use-appwarp-with-cocos2d-js-and-facebook/ Hope it might be helpful to some of you Thanks
  10. Hey everyone, I have started to learn webGL recently. I am very curious to learn how these 3D engine are developed. I want to know how these engines organize shaders, programs and vertices in form of classes. I tried to look at Three.js but it's source code is very complex to start with. Do you guys know of some basic 3D engines???
  11. When you use 'renderer.view.style.width', it's the browser that does the scaling not pixi.js. Also, checking for window re-size in loop is a bad practice. Instead use onresize event of window. Correct me if I am wrong.
  12. Hey, since I was using 1.3.0, your solution didn't worked. So, I updated to 1.4.2 Now when I run following code, my canvas re-sizes to 640, 480, but there is no zooming. But I guess this is they way it should work. Now the problem is, 'PIXI.BaseTexture.SCALE_MODE.DEFAULT = PIXI.BaseTexture.SCALE_MODE.NEAREST;' causes a flickering. Animation has some noisiness. var assetsToLoad = ["sprites.json"]; var loader = new PIXI.AssetLoader(assetsToLoad); PIXI.BaseTexture.SCALE_MODE.DEFAULT = PIXI.BaseTexture.SCALE_MODE.NEAREST; loader.onComplete = onLoadDone; loader.load(); var stage = new PIXI
  13. Hey!, I have started learning Pixi.js. What I am trying to do is fill the whole screen, but preserve the pixel art style and ratio. I tried using renderer.resize() but it simply changes the viewport. Suppose I have a game at 320x240 resolution, and my screen is 1366x768. So my game should zoom 3x and new resolution should be 960x720. But the new screen should use nearest neighbor scaling
  14. We’re excited to announce the alpha release of AppWarpS2, our on-premise gaming server solution! We launched AppWarp cloud less than a year ago and have seen great adoption in the multiplayer developer community. One of the features often requested was the ability to host and extend the server side by the developers themselves. The release of AppWarpS2 fulfills those requirements. AppWarpS2 allows developers to tap in and extend the same server engine that powers our cloud product. Using our server side libraries and SDK, developers have the ability to build their own full-fledged Java game
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