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  1. Wow coming from Flash background hard to believe it isn't added, very useful feature to detect object removed from scene and so kill their listeners etc :(
  2. Hey, any news on this?
  3. Hey, just use a fixed canvas rather than an absolute!
  4. Hey, I'm looking for a way to clean up a Loader instance (and its content). I saw that I need to remove textures from the cache (maybe I need to do more things?), so I did (Haxe code) : var cache = pixi.core.utils.Utils.TextureCache; for (resource in Reflect.fields(loader.resources)) { var url = Reflect.field(loader.resources, resource).url; var texture = Reflect.field(cache, url); if (texture != null) pixi.core.textures.Texture.removeTextureFromCache(url); } It removes many textures, but if I enumerate my TextureCache content later, each frame of the sprite sheet is still there
  5. Sounds like there are still some issues with Phaser 2.3.0 https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser/issues/1748
  6. iOS 8, I think it's an issue on Phaser side: https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser/issues/1743
  7. Hey guys, My game is landscape only, on Android no issue, since there isn't navigation bar appearing/disappearing, but on iOS that's an other story. In an update state, I output the game.width & game.height and they have always the same value if the navigation bar is here or not. Is there any way inside Phaser to manage this or should I use an external lib like Scream? Thanks!
  8. For more informations, we raised an issue on Github.
  9. Well, I think you should start with http://phaser.io/shop/books/scale-manager-guide Unfortunately, CocoonJS isn't mentionned.
  10. Sure done: https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser/issues/751
  11. Same here, with this example. Latest stable Firefox on latest OS X. No issue at all with any other canvas/webgl framework: pixi js, three.js, flambe... but every Phaser project crash :/
  12. Thanks for the answer guys! I will give them a try and let you know
  13. Forgot some informatinos: Retina I enable the retina on mobile this way: static GetStageWidth():number { return $(window).width() * ((<any>window).devicePixelRatio || Math.round(window.screen.availWidth / document.documentElement.clientWidth));}Obviously if I remove it, it loads downscale assets and everything looks pixelated. But it seems that I've better performances, but it isn't crazy... Mobile When I'm touching a button/MC, I've a black screen coming and leaving very very quickly. No issue on desktop's canvas.
  14. Hey guys, The first part of the project is almost completed, and I'm glad to have done it with Pixi.js! Has a AIR (Flash) developer, I'm now back in love with the web The game is a kind of a Whac-a-Mole. It's running fine on computers (Canvas and WebGL), however I've some performances issues on mobile. I don't have the right to share the link of my project (no visual must be seen)... But please have a look on the source code: html, TypeScript, JS genated by TS (they might be some French words, I'm sorry). I didn't make a game for the web since a while (in fact it's my first in JS), so t
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