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  1. I really appreciate it! I have received several emails that look very promising.
  2. Here are a few - (bubble burst based on matching colors) (old school centipede/snake grow game) (penguin jump game w/ levels)
  3. The reason is every game that runs in the virtual world runs off of the base engine and uses a single scene, that way data can be passed correctly and resources can be correctly removed when the game ends. I will work on getting a few images up.
  4. Using pulse is required. All of our games and world are built in pulse. It is very easy to pick up.
  5. Hello, My name is Steve Mandery founder of We have developed an HTML5 platform for browser based virtual worlds. We are currently working on a project for a kids brand, Pillow Pets. We have recently launched in beta. We are looking for additional game developers to help speed up our game development for this project. If you visit the site, go to the Moon, you will notice a Space game that we currently have live. Here is a few links to several games that will also go live by the end of this week. We have all the assets and sounds already developed and ready to go. We also have pretty solid documents to follow. Our games are developed using game engine. So far we have been paying 50% up front and 50% at the completion of a game which has seemed to work out well for everyone. If interested please contact me. Steve