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  1. THE N WORD Hello, I made a roguelike TDS for windows and was wondering if you guys could check it out The N-Word is a top-down roguelike spaghetti western shooter where you play as a slave taking revenge for the lynching of her husband in the old west. Take control of turrets, take cover and kill everyone in your way. Here are some screens: Download Now
  2. Hello my fellow HTML5gamedevs, AFTER PIXEL The GMC Jam recently opened again and I have been developing a little puzzle platformer for it. The theme was 'Prehistoric'. So I decided to make a game based on a the 'prehistory' of intelligent and sentient pixels. Here are some screenshots: The game is inspired by Thomas Was Alone and Fez. Here's a link to it's gamejolt page: Let me hear what you think so far
  3. If I use the Facebook API to store highscores and post on walls, does the game have to be a facebook canvas game? Or can I just host it privately but still use their API? Is it also possible to use the facebook in game purchases as well without it being a facebook canvas game? Thanks in advance.
  4. I'm definitely a daily visitor and helping would be nice.
  5. If I use Facebook to store highscores and show highscores between friends, does it have to be a Facebook canvas game? Or can I still just host it myself but use their API?
  6. Well it's about time. I wonder why GameMaker gets SDKs the latest when it's one of the best performing HTML5 engines.
  7. I'm surprised that you haven't gotten any help on this at all already. For me at least, applying javascript extensions, such as the gamepix one doesn't seem much of an issue. First, I would like to direct you to this resource. After that, experiment a little and you should be able to work your way around it. If you need any further assistance just PM me.
  8. Thank you. At least I know that it is being centered and scaled correctly on the apple devices. Thank you so much @BobF Regards, Samuel.
  9. @in mono The problem is although device emulation is a good way to see how your site would look across a range of devices, sometimes things aren't correctly replicated. Google and Opera even say so. For example I used device emulation and thought everything would be the same before until I tested it on an actual iPhone and I realized that the margin wasn't being set correctly on Safari. @Ninjadoodle Thank you. Looks perfect from your end.
  10. Hello HTML5GameDevs, I am testing out my responsive design but I lack some devices. I was wondering if anyone could test it on their devices and upload screenshots from their devices. Devices that would much be appreciated would be: iPads and iPhonesAndroid Tablets (I am set on the phones)Not that necessary but windows phone and tablets would also be appreciated.If different orientations return funny results, please notice me as I could start working on that. Help would be greatly appreciated. Here is the link to the test: [CLOSED] Thank you all who helped. Awaiting removal of topic by moderator. Regards, Samuel.
  11. Thanks for the reply My latest post is an open call for game testers, you can read this here. If you're interested, drop an email to with the subject 'Game Testing' to get involved. Requirements are for you to fill in a questionnaire after playing the prototype. Thank you!
  12. UPDATE: New Post on Finite State Machines for AI. Read more here.
  13. So, besides my life as a HTML5 game developer, I still hold a passion of making PC games. The only problem is, I've never finished an entire game project from start to finish. So, I started a blog on trying to get my first game project finished and out of the way. Please take the time to drop us off a visit You can visit the site at this link: Any comments and feedback would be great! Thank you. Samuel.
  14. True. Only thing is I'm not sure how big the market is for that. How many mobile game developers are interested in how someone else makes games. I will look into it though because it seems fun.
  15. I wouldn't copy your style. That wouldn't get me anywhere. But I certainly want a share of the market you're in. Not sure if I'd be comfortable sharing my income online but that's something I'll think about later.