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  1. Hey guys! I'm having a bit of trouble trying to figure out how much I should charge for a rebranded game. So I'm asking here before I screw up my pricing. What would you guys charge for an exclusive license, but a rebranded version provided they supply all the graphics? And if you're wondering, this is the game :: Here Thanks, all advice appreciated.
  2. Haha, that's crazy! I'm getting tempted to attempt a flappy clone.
  3. Raiyumi

    What to do?

    Hey Hadzy, You should check out this : http://www.pixelprospector.com/the-big-list-of-pixel-art-tutorials/ That should help a bunch.
  4. Nice! Results are in. @Lowren : A nice little game. At first I was swiping my mouse all over the place, didn't realize all I've need was a tap.
  5. My first time successfully entering without blowing the deadline. You can check it out here. http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-27/?action=preview&uid=25829
  6. It's on!! Ludum Dare - 10 Seconds! FiMaRu - Forest theme.
  7. Haha, yep. That's what I meant, might've worded it wrong. I did attempt Ludum Dare before, but I always ended up with some natural force stopping me or important biz popping up. Hopefully this time it'll be smooth.
  8. Why not do both? They both start on the 23rd.. just need to make a game with multiple themes.
  9. My entry is finished. Danger Kitty First time using Construct 2, and it was a harsh process, but it was well worth it.
  10. Really nice stuff, Rezoner! I exclusively use graphicsgale for pixelart, and Photoshop for everything else.
  11. I haven't thought much about the HTML5 market, but it seems like you guys are highly successful with these simple games. Haha, I might even jump into the market. Better late than never! I've been wondering, did you make that much through only sponsorships? Did you monetize it with ads?
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