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  1. Mailas

    Fleet Escape

    Really good video to follow through on for a game like this.
  2. Haha I enjoyed it! Very simple concept!
  3. BrowserQuest was the first thing I thought of when I came to this topic. It was really interesting to see how far websockets have come and will go in the near future.
  4. I remember this video. It's truly inspiring to let average game developers know that even the simplest games can be "juiced" up to look utmost professional.
  5. I agree I absolutely love pixel art, and this is no exception. Keep up the good work.
  6. Fun controls and smooth gameplay made this game very fun to play. Nice job!
  7. Mailas

    Blow Away

    Blow Away SCREENSHOTS --------------- VIDEO --------------- DESCRIPTION --------------- Help the little baby get out of his nightmares. Guide him through dozens of obstacles by creating a fan to blow him to safety with your finger! The game features 44 hand crafted levels full of deadly traps and obstacles! Simple controls also make this game easy to play for kids! CONTROLS --------------- Simply move the baby with a wind propeller by tapping and holding down on the screen around him to blow him in the opposite direction. Be sure to avoid obstacles such as spikes!
  8. You can technically get away with using vector art, but not the actual raw vectors. I personally prefer HTML5 games that use pixel art.
  9. This is insane. Definitely pushing the limits of what everyone thinks browsers can do these days. Especially that it was at a flat 60fps. Great stuff.
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