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  1. do everything you can to avoid doing it, really. I have lost weeks of my life to trying to get a good solution working on mobile, and there was always something that caused every idea I tried to fail. If I had to have text input, I would leave the canvas entirely and go to a properly constructed HTML page and then afterwards return to the canvas page.
  2. alright peeps, anyone got a working solution to getting drawGroup to play nice with nested groups? Currently when I try to use it, it bombs out when it hits the nested group : Uncaught TypeError: Failed to execute 'drawImage' on 'CanvasRenderingContext2D': The provided value is not of type '(HTMLImageElement or HTMLVideoElement or HTMLCanvasElement or ImageBitmap)' any thoughts / possible solutions? thanks Chris
  3. hullo, our latest game has just gone live on Really quite happy with how the physics worked out in the end and of course pixi is as blazingly fast and awesome as ever. hope you all like it thanks Chris
  4. I had this bug (very intermidently) using straight Pixi (not through Phaser) on Android stock browser. I couldn't replicate or fix it. Just hoped it went away.
  5. am losing my mind somewhat on this issue. Have got the core of a physics bike game running, standard trials type gameplay. It runs great @30FPS or so on nearly all devices, however, on my Samsung S4 in stock browser it chugs along at a around 10FPS (where as it runs perfectly at full speed on my old S2!??) The whole game is rendered in a canvas which is 640x426. Anyone got any thoughts? thanks Chris
  6. chrisError

    Audio encoding

    so I am struggling to get my audio playing correctly on most of my Android devices, what encoding / compression settings does everyone use here? thanks Chris
  7. fun little basketball minigame. made using DOM elelements, Box2DWeb and Howler.js hope you all like it, thanks Chris
  8. have built a couple of games now in HTML5 and generally am really happy with overall performance on most of my test devices (iPad2 and S2 run all my games beatifully) the odd thing is I just got an Galaxy S4 and my games all run a bit choppy on it (some games use canvas some just use CSS 'sprites'). Now I guess it could just be having more pixels to paint but you'd think the S4 could handle it. Anyone know of any potential stupid mistakes / gotchas to be on the look out for? thanks Chris