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  1. Hi I just made my new html5 game and I want to know what you guys thinks about my game. I am still new to this so this might not be very good but I love to hear comment and suggestion form you guys. IT is NOT finished yet I still didnt put sound in it and some minor adjustment. Instruction Use keyboard to move character around collect coins buy upgrades at shop (coin spawn rate , playerspeed, powerups upgrade,etc) Objective Reach 1,000,000 coin As soon as possible There will be 2 type of score 1.Coin you made in 1 day 2.Days to reach 1 million. Thanks for play my game and I love to hear comment from you (and also If you can post your score too) Thanks
  2. Hi I start making my second html 5 games. I already sold first one so i decided to make the second one. This game is called coin frenzy I make this in 2 days and it still work in progess. I hope you guys can spot some bugs and offer me some advice update 1 : add instruction screen decrease thickness of red flash new style time indicator new power ups "frenzy" (random by yellow box) spawn a lot of silver coin minor game balance please test this in both pc and mobile devices How to play -use your mouse(hold) or touch to move a paddle(I dont know what it called??) to collect coins. -bronze coin is 1 point silver is 3 and gold is 5 -blue screen at the back is time if it runs out it game over you can increase time by collect blue heart. -avoid red box at all cost if you collect it you are dead. -yellow box is power ups currently there is only slow(slow time) but i plan to add more. have funs please offer your suggestion i will be happy to read them and PLEASE post your SCORE I need it for game balancing. Thank you and sorry for bad english
  3. Hello guys I just build my first about 4 days ago and it about 70% now. I need a feed back from you guys about this game so i can improve it. Control Use your mouse hold left mouse button is make a charactor run to it and touch also works too avoid the bombs you have 3 life and get extra 1 every 100 point you get point for every bomb you evaded Please post a comment and your score Link: And please also test on mobile device as well sorry for my bad english
  4. Thankyou for you information I am going to find some sponsor as well
  5. Yeah that was fun love the theme
  6. nice graphic and fun gameplay di done quite a good job
  7. This is an example of how simple game can be super duper fun .Too bad i'm bad at this game
  8. I really agree with this .From what i play html5 games so far those are just same game with more beautiful theme and graphic the mechanic of the game is the same I really dont know what to do I am currently create html5 games for sponsorship but i dont know which way to go graphic? of Game mechanic? Sorry for my bad english
  9. Hello I tested your game on Google chrome The game is self is fun and graphice is cute and lovely but It have some perfomance issue 1.I feel like 30 second is longer than is should migth because of lag 2.I FEEL laggy see at the timer or falling animals It look laggy hopes this helps sorry for my bad english