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  1. Hi, I'm extremely new to Phaser and I've started going through the src and examples to convert a game. One thing I can't figure out though, is how to scale up the entire game. I know I can scale up a particular sprite, but how would you scale up the entire game? Also is there anything extra I would have to do to keep the "pixel art" feel of the game when scaling? Apologies if this is blindingly obvious, but I've come to Phaser from working with Impact and I'm trying to "unlearn" as it were! Have to say I'm impressed with the framework, though I am looking forward to the completed docs! Thanks
  2. Incredibly polished for a tech demo,well done. Did you rewrite much of Impactjs or just extend it? Have you released any of your enhancements as plugins? I can understand if you're keeping it under wraps though!
  3. Love the graphics and sprite work. Did you use a framework for this or roll your own?
  4. I'd have to say I'd much prefer just good ol' plain javascript. Not used Typescript so can't comment on it, but if it's causing issues with actually developing a framework for people to use, then I say drop it. You can only support so many people when working on a project like this. If people outgrow something that's fine, but you shouldn't try to support everyone/everything if it results in problems for what you're actually trying to deliver.
  5. Thanks for the kind words guys. I guess my pixel art still needs some work though @Draf as it's meant to be the little jeep from Jurassic Park!
  6. Hi all, First post here. Bit of background about me first of all. I've been developing for quite a while now and I've always wanted to try my hand at making a game. I bought ImpactJS ages ago but never really got round to trying anything with it until a few months ago. I never really thought anything I did was "finished" (and I mean that in the programmer sense! I know nothing is every really finished). I never really thought anything was polished enough and I guess I didn't want to share anything. However, the only way to grow and to get better is to get constructive criticism. It's also a nice excuse for a first post. And for anyone else who has the same self doubts, I suggest reading this So anyway, on to my game. It's simple infinite scroller. The control are simply the arrow keys I've made all the art myself apart from the dinosaur. I'm still trying to make one/ find someone who can make one as this one is from JP on the snes. It's tricky animating! I've ported my game onto my win phone as well and would like to release it, hence why I'm trying to find an artist. I know it's not the greatest, but I'm proud I actually completed something. Getting it into a store will also help me get used to the submission process. Would welcome any feedback Thanks!