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  1. awesome, played it a lot ! congrats my friend!
  2. Hi people, after a long pause, squashing bugs in the game, balancing gameplay, etc, etc... there is a new release of Droid Bounce at my website, with Score ranking by I uploaded many Art screenshots, making of, sprites, etc. You can play it:
  3. Hi ! i'm developing a frantic platform shooter called Goldak. You must survive and explore across endless dangerous ambients in the hostile planet. The core mechanics is ok, just experimenting with the player design and working on the level / triggers.
  4. hi, thanks for the feedback the game is on revision and small bugs to overcome yet. thks
  5. hi, yes, porting to iphone/ ipad or android is too hard... need a mac and xcode for the builds. but, the game is full-play on the web , its ok on chrome and firefox
  6. Hi MikeHart, thanks. I do tests for the Xoom motorola tablet, but its performing different on other smartphones. i can get 38 fps to 60 on a Samsung galaxy s4. I work on pc , so the game lacks iOS support. Luckily I have some friends with awesome programming capabilities whom wants help me re-do the game entirely to fit all devices seamlessly. but i have to redo graphics for the retina display and change background sprites to fit all android devices...
  7. hi, thanks for playing Wojciech, i agree with you, steering is difificult to balance , i dont know if its good for the challenge factor , or if its just annoying and is stopping players from completing the game. i need to play more, and please send me some feedback if you find out more issues. thks,
  8. Hi , i would like to show you my action game made with Construct and exported as html5. It's very simple to play, just right / left arrows. You must bounce the enemies across 4 levels and collect coins. play it here my website: thanks very much