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  1. Alright, thanks to everyone who replied. Aside from graphics, this may be the final pass at the game! We'd really love some feedback to make this game as addicting as possible! =)
  2. Thanks for the feedback, guys! We've done some small graphical improvements (animated title screen, score text!), and some major gameplay changes! You're hand is in the mouth by default now! Tap to take it out, and it'll go back automatically. Don't get bit! If you dodge a bite, you get a point. If you get psyched out and retreat for nothing, you lose a point! Coming tomorrow... full UI and... an angry uvula? Tell me what you think about the new changes!
  3. Introducing... DOOMBEAM! The game is meant to be very simple, but we tried to polish as much as we could! Hopefully how to play it is self explanatory, but... Click/drag enemy ships into your DOOM BEAM! Don't let them run into you! High score system maybe possibly coming soon. http://www.masharcade.com/doombeam
  4. Thanks for the feedback, ya'll! Added a titlescreen! Going to add a highscore system and a short "how to play" system with gameplay tweaks soon!
  5. Introducing NAILBITER! It's a really simple game. Click and hold to put your hand in the mouth and watch your score go up. Release to take your hand out and watch your score go down. DON'T. GET. BIT. Super quick and simple! Enjoy! http://www.masharcade.com/nailbiter
  6. Contemplating making a game where the objective is to show your buttocks in public while avoiding the police...
  7. Thanks for the feedback! I've optimized QUITE a lot in the game, and hopefully it'll pick up some large performance gains! Can I ask everyone to test it out on their mobiles, and report back how it performed? I'd like to iron out all the kinks with Sleepy Bear before moving on. And since this is my first game, I've got to ask... Do you see publishers buying this game? Thanks for all your feedback!
  8. I just really love how he's animated, even when the tiles are mixed up. I have to say for a game that wouldn't normally interest me, the moving tiles captivated me!
  9. I do some art and would be willing to sell some if the project is small enough. Send me a PM, I'm very familiar with gm:studio!
  10. Great atmosphere and a lot of charm! For things to improve, I would say the pause button could use a new location. I wanted to tap below the character to make him run, but the pause is in the way there. Maybe up by the score would be better? Also when he arrives at his destination, his walk animation freaks out and goes crazy for a short instant. I'm sure that's an easy fix! Lastly, I would prevent falling bombs from overlapping. It's a small thing, but I feel like it looked a little off. A lot of fun, will be playing!
  11. Ahh, of course. Yes, it was made with GM:Studio. Thanks for clarifying.
  12. My game is scaled for 480x320. However, on my iPhone5, there is a border due to the larger screen. This is fine. However, when I touch the game, I see a white square box blinking with my touches BEHIND the game's window. I checked out this topic: http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/559-gm-studio-screen-flashes-when-touched-on-android/ To see if it would remedy the situation, but I'm still seeing the box. Anybody with an iPhone 5 can see what I'm talking about by playing the game here: http://www.masharcade.com/SleepyBear Any ideas? Thanks! ::EDIT:: Seems as though it only appears on Mo
  13. I've adjusted controls, clarity, and gameplay! Also fixed the depth thing. Reuploaded. Thanks again for the feedback.
  14. Evan, thanks for your feedback! The control scheme isn't clear enough; I've received that feedback a lot. The next version will either have improved controls, or a more clear message. Right now it's the right HALF of the screen or the left HALF of the screen to move. The angle at the moment doesn't affect the bounce, but that sure sounds like a fun mechanic!
  15. While a lot of the technology is, I'm disappointed in the rate in which they are (aren't, rather) fixing existing bugs on their html5 export. I've got some games prototyped but won't work on HTML5 due to bugs. I've filed several back in November, but they're still "assigned."
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