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    SamBaylus got a reaction from SilentxxBunny in My Income Reports Blog - Updated for August   
    Looking forward to reading about your successes. Good luck! Ill be watching.
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    SamBaylus got a reaction from Rune in FightMagicRun Battle: Moon (Aug 30 - Sept 1)   
    Contemplating making a game where the objective is to show your buttocks in public while avoiding the police...
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    SamBaylus got a reaction from Paul-Andre in Learning to make polished games   
    When that video game out, I was so happy that someone was able to articulate such an important and understated aspect in game development.
    When I make a game, I want EVERYTHING about my game to be fun; Even the less interesting things. I want my players to want to touch everything, to explore everything. To click everything, just to see what happens. I want a reaction for every action.
    Good stuff.
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    SamBaylus got a reaction from InvisionUser in js13kGames competition 2013   
    What he said...