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  1. To my knowledge, it won't work out of the box on iOS devices. But some got it working. I left it out.
  2. Why, making my game running fine on mobile was not that difficult. The sound thing is a problem but I heard that some have managed it.
  3. Hi folks, BRL has renamed Monkey to Monkey X and totally revamped its Monkey website at www.monkey-x.com Adding to that, Monkey X is now free for HTML5 and desktop platforms and you can develop even commercial apps with it. Also everyone can signup in the community now and ask questions about Monkey X there. Cheers Michael Hartlef
  4. Normally not. But I am not as expensive like others. So please PM me about your project and what you need and I can give you a quote.
  5. Thanks. Do that. Looking forward to your request.
  6. I have time atm for working on new projects.
  7. Funky has a point. In western cultures, it can be very possible that someone carries a different LASTNAME than his/her father. When you get married, when your parents never were married, when you were adopted, etc. etc.. I have no knowledge about eastern cultures. I think LASTNAME would fit better.
  8. Right now Smith micro has a throwout sale for older versions. Manga Studio 4 and Anime Studio 8 go out for 29.99 USD in September.
  9. I would like to secure, that my game is played only from a location where I want it to be. How can I check this?
  10. Hi folks, besides coding, I do 2D art for clients. Be it logos, illustrations or game assets. Animated or not. Here are some examples of the work I have for clients: I have a small portfolio page at michaelhartlef.carbonmade.com If you are interest in a quote, please contact me at contact ( a t ) michaelhartlef ( do t) de or drop me a PM. Cheers Michael
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