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  1. So if I download the most current Tipsytower3d template and the Canon plugin, both work initially. Once I update the engine to current, version 2.12.0, and then hit reload game, neither seem to work correctly. They both still spawn boxes but gravity no longer works and the boxes just hang up top. Any idea what could be going wrong there?
  2. Thanks Mackey, this is super helpful, definitely clears up a lot. One quickee question, what do you use to bring GLTF files in to Unity? Or are you just using the Babylon Toolit to export GLTF?
  3. I think even something as simple as a cube on a plane (or be a rebel and put that plane on top of the cube, lol) and then maybe add a material and a simple script to control the cube. Just a decent jumping off point for people with very little Unity experience would be appreciated.
  4. No, I wasn't asking about a BabylonJS getting started vid but specifically asking about the "Babylon Toolkit" Getting Started video, which is a set of tools that let you use the Unity Editor to export Babylon JS scenes. They link to a Getting Started Video but the link appears broken. The docs are good, but was curious to see what the video could add, plus if they don't realize the link is broken I am sure they would like to sort that out. You can see the link on this page, https://doc.babylonjs.com/resources/intro under Getting Started
  5. In the Getting Started section for Babylon Toolkit there is a link to a "Getting Started Video" but that link leads to nothing. Is there a Getting Started Video, and if so, could someone share the link to it?
  6. 96 on first try. It is pretty addicting, though as others mentioned the guideline wasn't always accurate and would occasionally show up suuuper tiny on the screen. Nice work!!
  7. So did one of the books come out?
  8. Overall I like it but think it is a bad idea to have L/R arrow keys switch levels. In almost every game I have ever played, if you allow A/D to go left and right then you should also allow L/R arrow keys to do the same. Would also prefer if both mouse and keyboard were available at same time instead of having to turn on keyboard controls. I was also a bit confused by the gaps on the left and right at the paddle level. Having them open on both sides has me think you can teleport form one side to the other but instead it just stops. Is there a reason they are there that I am missing? Lastly
  9. I think this is one of the best html5 games I've seen in quite awhile, the level of polish is outstanding. Lots of fun as well. If I ran in to this game on a portal I could see myself losing quite a bit of time to it. BTW, Ran super on my iPad mini
  10. Clawing to come up with some decent feedback, but at this point all I can really say is, Stunning.
  11. Found the controls absolutely annoying. I know you were going for challenging, but to me at least, they felt dodgy and more like a mistake. I do like the idea of the acceleration and deceleration, just think it still needs some fine tuning.
  12. Wow, this really seemed like a step above a lot of the html5 games I've seen. Nice progression of difficulty and adding in of new mechanics. Would love to hear more from you on how long testing was for this, especially relating to making the levels for the game. Great work.
  13. Really like graphics for Pablo, he has a lot of character. Would be great to see the patron graphics at the same level. The speed of the game is really slow and there doesn't seem to be much to keep a player interested to want to play multiple times. Doesn't feel like it really adds much to the original game it is based off of. I definitely miss having the ability to run down the counter to get the empty glasses or get tips. For 2 days though, not too shabby.
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