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  1. Hi staff0rd, thanks for the advice and like I said above, I took out the dots before uploading but I think I'll put it back! Yes you can like the rules of the original game, in fact you can pocket any other ball (and win in case of 9) but you first need to hit the ball in sequence. Now if you pocket the 9 ball after committing a fault (like hitting out of sequence) only the 9 ball with re-spawn.
  2. Interesting, but in fact it's not the same! The favicon here has the vertical lines straight while my is angled. I'm not sure where I got it, it was a long time ago, maybe but I remember that I had to scaled down. Now about the game, first thanks for playing and the advice and by the way about that line, do you mean like this: The dots were animated and I took out this feature because I thought It would be too easy, but now I think I'll put back, since I'm receiving others comments about it.
  3. Hi, Just sharing my new game (WIP), I hope you like: Matheus.
  4. Hello everybody, It's been awhile since my last post in here, anyway I'm back to gamedev and I just finish my last game, It's a Solitaire clone: If you want to play and check other demos follow this Link to my website! PS: If you want to see the waterfall animation without playing the game, just click 3 times on the mazeware logo on top left. I tested the game using Chrome/Firefox on PC and Galaxy Tab 3 and the controls is the same as the old version for Windows. Mouse or Touch.
  5. Hi again, I've made an update on PaCanvas: Levels has time to be completed and becoming harderNew user interfaceNew movement system by sliding finger across the screen Screenshot of the new Interface: Thanks, Matheus.
  6. Hi all, I would like to share a new game that I've been working on: PaCanvas (A Pac-Man clone)! It's not finished yet: I'll change/add touch movement by sliding across the screen, and sometimes the green enemy can go on "forbidden" places. I'll fix that when I have time. But anyway I'd like to know what you think so far! Link: Compatibility: Desktop: Chrome and Firefox Android: (Tested on Galaxy Tab 3 and Native Browser) Screenshot: Thanks, Matheus.
  7. Hi aladine, Hmm, nice game this Super Hexagon. In fact I started my game after looking a video of similar one. Well, I would like to do more, but unfortunately I don't have too my time to spend on it. I wrote this on last weekend. Anyway, thanks for your advice. Matheus.
  8. Hi all, I would like to share my new small and simple game called HexagonE! The main objective of this game is to stay away from the encounter of the black wall. This game and other demos can be played here: Tested on: Desktop: Chrome / Firefox Android: Default Browser. Thanks, Matheus.
  9. The game runs without any problem here. (I'm using Chrome)! Very good for a 48h of development. One little issue, sometimes is hard to know what platform you can jump or not, but despite that, I liked! Matheus.
  10. Hehe that Planet Hop is very addictive! I'll play the others later. By the way nice work, Matheus.
  11. Very nice game and graphics. It was the first thing that I forgot to do! Note: I clicked on the link you gave, and after the advertisement when I click on "Play" button it goes to the main page instead of game, then it was need to wait advertisement again to play. Matheus.
  12. Thanks. I changed the distance. Thanks. *** UPDATE: 09/02/2013 *** After some suggestions, I added new things: Menu and Control layout.I changed the projection for a far distance view.A new track. Menu: New track: Thanks.
  13. Hi all, I’ve been working in a port of the Mode 7 engine like for HTML5, then I would like share it and to know what you think. (As you will see I'm still working on it). I'd like to know the performance too, since in my machine I can run it with 200% of zoom without any slowdown. As I was concerned about the render system, the collision detection is not fully implemented yet, it just check the limits where the player can go. Link: Tested on: Chrome and FireFox. Screenshot: *** UPDATE: 09/02/2013 *** After some suggestions, I added new things: Menu and Control layout.I changed the projection for a far distance view.A new track. Menu: New Level: Thanks.
  14. Great game, runs very well on chrome, enjoyable music!
  15. Hi all, And to add the list above, there is very good articles in the Douglas Crockford's website: Example of articles: Code Conventions: Private Members: Prototypal Inheritance: Matheus.