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  1. If the hexagons are in a grid, you could avoid doing any hit tests by calculating the tile coordinates from cursor position.
  2. Small Untitled RPG Devlog 7 Since the last devlog there were 13 commits between 2019/04/09 and 2020/04/04, totaling 102 commits. I have worked 81 hours during this period, bringing the total to 291 hours. Wow. Devlog for a year of work. Yes. So what happened? Mostly I was busy with other unrelated gamedev stuff. But it is cool stuff, that I will probably implement in this RPG too. I practically didn’t touch the RPG since June 2019 until March 2020. Debug Draw After improving the navmeshes last time, I added some debug drawing, so that I can see what’s going on. I’ve went wit
  3. Small Untitled RPG Devlog 6 Since the last devlog there were 33 commits between 2019/03/19 and 2019/04/09, totaling 89 commits. I have worked 68 hours during this period, bringing the total to 210 hours. As I started adding more things to my test map, I decided to first improve the workflow and prepare for future development. Tiled supports external tilesets – standalone data files that can be re-used between different tilemaps. Phaser currently doesn’t support them though, and in general there’s no reason to include all of tilemap data in the game. We can do better! So, first t
  4. Small Untitled RPG Devlog 5 Since the last devlog there were 5 commits between 2019/03/08 and 2019/03/13, totaling 56 commits. I have worked 20 hours during this period, bringing the total to 142 hours. Yes, this devlog is released over a year late. Playing fetch is fun, but lack of pathfinding turns minor obstacles into insurmountable ones. So I went down the rabbit hole studying how to implement one. Tiled based games (which this is) often use a simple A* algorithm to search through the tiles. That is pretty easy to implement and works well, but if you remember the first GIF I
  5. Small Untitled RPG Devlog 4 Since the last devlog there were 17 commits between 2019/02/26 and 2019/03/06, totaling 51 commits. I have worked 39 hours during this period, bringing the total to 122 hours. Shaders This time I took a bit of a rest and did something I was itching to try for weeks: shaders. They are programs that handle the actual process of putting pixels on our screens. Most 2D engines abstract them away and there’s mostly no reason to touch the actual shaders. But you can achieve really nice effects with them, and Phaser does expose a simple way to use custom
  6. Small Untitled RPG Devlog 3 Since the last devlog there were 13 commits between 2019/02/16 and 2019/02/22, totaling 34 commits. I have worked 35 hours during this period, bringing the total to 83 hours. This one is entirely about messing with AI, iterating and refactoring the approach. Initial Approach It started with basic xml Behavior Tree from the last devlog. First thing I did though, was updating Haxe to version 4 Release Candidate, in preparation to using inlined markup. Truth is the xml in the previous devlog wasn’t really used. It was just a template for how I w
  7. Small Untitled RPG Devlog 2 Since the last devlog there were 10 commits between 2019/01/27 and 2019/02/15, totaling 21 commits. I have worked 28 hours during this period, bringing the total to 48 hours. I started out by adding new type of objects to my Tiled map. A bit more messing around and I can now have basic message interaction in the game. Video Link That included adding overlay UI system, some refactoring, support for nineslice scaled ui elements. Handling events between various ECS systems without tight coupling (Keyboard Input System sends an Interaction eve
  8. How many games until it's actually multiplayer? Played a few and it was still offline.
  9. Antriel

    Game loop advice

    With a brief look, I don't see anything wrong with the implementation. I would say it all comes down to `ctx.imageSmoothingEnabled = false`, which will cause the pixel positions to be rounded (which is desired for pixel-perfect pixelart game). At 60 FPS you sometimes get a pixel movement, sometimes don't, and not moving is essentially a frame skip, which at 60 FPS is visible. At 144 FPS, not so much (i.e. the timing is much smaller, so it's closer to reality). You can test that by playing around with speed setting, making it work well in 1/60 intervals. Although looking at your code, speed
  10. Best I can tell, it's purely offline game. There's a lot of games that fool the player into thinking it's real multiplayer when it's not.
  11. This is a copy of the first devlog I published on my blog a few months ago. You can see all the devlogs and sign up for the newsletter to get the next ones directly to your email at https://antriel.com/rpg/. Devlog 1 Few days ago I have decided to start an RPG project, as that’s what I’ve always wanted to make. I will be fairly limited with graphic assets and time, but at least the coding part will be fun. I will make do with what I have available. Right now I have depth sorting implemented: I’m using art assets. Tiled for level editor. Haxe as programming language.
  12. Now it's `this.scale.resize`. The whole scale manager basically does all of this for you. Not entirely what I do though, but you can choose between scale and resizing.
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