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  1. Thanks guys! window.innerWidth & window.innerHeight is good approach! Now it works, but when i try it before this not work, strange =) Later i'm post my code for future generations ;D
  2. Nice try =) But not exact. Its return full resolution of screen, and android have status bar(with different size on different devices) and button bar(on some devices). Sooo...it's works but not as expect...I'm explain..Technically i can't get full screen, status bar always on screen =( Any other ideas ? How developers support his game on android? For example SoftGames always tested games on android, but i don't find any themes on forum about scaling canvas game on android to screen. Maybe I do not know something important and obvious?
  3. Hi guys! I'm complete my first game - Airport Control. And now i have BIG problem. I wanna ask: How i can fit my game to WHOLE screen on android? Except status bar, of course. My target browsers: Default and Chrome. This picture to explain what i want: As you understand, for this purpose i need to know size of window without address bar. window.outerHeight works good only in Default not in Chrome. And any other properties works ugly..But devices as many as many resolutions in world How do you solve this problem??? Maybe you can share your own code or share link to the game when work good on all resolution on android devices? This is code i'm use right now. Works good in default and emulator, not work in Chrome. I don't know about real devices... width = window.innerWidth;if(navigator.userAgent.indexOf('Chrome') > -1) height = window.outerHeight;else if(navigator.userAgent.indexOf('Mozilla/5.0') > -1) height = window.outerHeight/window.devicePixelRatio;stage.canvas.style.width = width+'px';stage.canvas.style.height = height+'px';setTimeout(scrollTo(1,1),1);Thanks!
  4. You can try something like that in your index.html: function resize() { var screen_height = window.innerHeight; var screen_width = window.innerWidth; var width = screen_width; var height = screen_height; if(screen_height > screen_width){ var ratio = stage.canvas.height/stage.canvas.width; height = ratio * screen_width; }else{ var ratio = stage.canvas.width/stage.canvas.height; var width = screen_height * ratio; } canvas.style.width = width+'px'; canvas.style.height = height+'px'; } window.addEventListener('resize', resize, false);Also call resize() after you initialization function.
  5. Good Work! Check this link, may be it useful. Article about flash, but can apply to JS too.
  6. Stupidly difficult! Its like "Super Lumberjack" on android. I love this game =)
  7. Visual style is great! I immediately remembered Spelunky, maybe you can grab some gameplay ideas from it? For example, google about cave generation. And please fix collisions bugs, they annoy.
  8. Thanks for the link, I didn't know about aseprite. It look great! I love Flash Professional and vector graphics. It's simple for drawing and animation.Paint.NET is enough good for editing sprites.