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  1. Vieo

    Pixi.js Showcase

    Playing about with filters
  2. I'm currently using 2.1.0 when I switch to 2.2.0. I get a lot of issues with collision with tilemap. The game is a platformer style with gravity, and the player fall through the floor when falling from a height. Is this a know issue? If not I'll try create an example
  3. Unfortunately i'm using Arcade physics. Maybe its time to switch..
  4. Hey. Using 2.0 and have a lovely tilemap and collision with a player. Although I want to use something like "player.body.touching.down" for weather or not a player should be able to jump. But dosn't seem to work is there some alternative?
  5. Hey Rich! Awesome to see the new physics stuff in place. I'm currently using Phaser 1.2. If there any examples of a Tile Map using Arcade phsyics?
  6. I first thought "Belt Buckle" was a code name for some sort of JS/HTML5 Library, but this is much more awesome
  7. Hey! I'm wondering if there is a way to export a Sprite/Texture to a PNG format using Pixi
  8. Vieo


    Does this mean TypeScript support will arrive soon?
  9. Vieo

    The march towards 1.0

    Best way for me to demonstrate:
  10. Vieo

    The march towards 1.0

    I see you have TileMaps on your todo list. I'm wondering if Phaser 1.0 will have the ability for Cloud tiles?
  11. Vieo

    The march towards 1.0

    Awesome news! You work pretty fast. I've been prototyping a game in the current release and can't wait to start moving it over to start using 1.0
  12. Waoh, I had to choose from Pixi.JS and Phaser, Them combined would be amazing
  13. Vieo

    Tile Collision

    I'm wanting to create a tile which the player can jump through but collide/land on the top, is this possible? Thanks