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  1. This guy speaks from the experience as we see. His game is for sure making millions and he is clearly not an idiot - he wouldn't sell this piece of an art for less than $5K! BTW Sebastian. There is difference between "I wouldn't even sell non exclusive for just 5k bucks." and "I wanted $5K for my game, no one wanted it so I am sitting with multiple games now that made me $0 - but hey, I will keep commenting on what is the key to making big money in html5!"
  2. Bumping this - anyone wants to join - just add me to the Skype
  3. Why? Only because they have no work ethics, they seem to lie and tell fake stories and also because they do not care about developers at all? Nah, they are good.
  4. I like your attitude! Good luck next time
  5. A lot of bugs and the game lacks finishing touches like splash screens etc. Good idea but you will need to fix all the bugs!
  6. It would be interesting to hear if you are happy with outcome. Sounds like a huge plan. Could you say what was the biggest challenges and if it turned out as you planned? Since most developers make small projects that take weeks up to month/two to finish, there is not many information about big projects.
  7. HTML5 games by itself dont spread that good. But if you put on Google Play, Itunes or Facebook then the same rules applies as to native rules about spreading.
  8. Hi Sam, I took your suggestions and finished the game Added simple tutorial (I want players to figure it out tactic on how to beat the game), added few effects and now ghost will vanish right after hitting you. Thanks for support
  9. Hi Nate. Once you got 10 posts you will have access to sponsor forum which contains many sponsors around the globe and many distribution channels. Just post 9 more quality posts and you will see it. BTW - A10 and Agame both belong to Spil Games.
  10. Funkyy

    Death Run

    Yeah, but this is html5 forum, and this is not html5 game afaik... And as of free stuff - yeah its cool. But submitting your game to Steam Greenlight isnt. There are people hard working to get there with 100% unique games. If you will get it - then you cut someone out who probably spent months working hard to get in.
  11. Finally completed - Swordless Knight! Addicting and improved. All recommended fixes added when possible. My highscore is 35 - can you beat it? Link: The game is available for all business propositions. Contact me for more details:
  12. Thank you, much appreciated! I will look in to this. Thanks for feedback! Thanks for checking out. Much appreciated! Thanks Sam, I am glad you like it
  13. Very nice game. I would suggest difficulty levels! For now it is pretty easy imo.
  14. Funkyy

    Death Run

    Isn't this made in Unity using assets available in the store?
  15. The game looks amazing so far! Good job!
  16. Hi there. We have finished our new Match 3 game saga - Sweetmatch. 6 parts of match 3 games set in fantasy world of Sweetmatch. Each part consist of 30 levels, unique world and 5 different challenges. All parts total of 180 levels spread around 6 worlds: Fruit, Candy, Choco, Cafe, Ice-Cream and Pancake. Link to part 1: Games are available for licensing. Contact me through email for more details: or Skype: funkyygames
  17. Funkyy

    Crossy Road

    I see a bigger interest than I thought, I was actually start doing something like it on January, but seeing others are doing it I will bail. Anyways, mechanics seems to be very easy and game overall would be quick to make
  18. I mentioned to the website - 10K views to the website overall. So you would got fraction of it. The point was - its better to go to multimillion users distribution network even for 30/40% than with some small, hobby like service that offers few thousand views a month to top games for 50%.
  19. Its better to get 10% from $1 Million, than 100% from $100. Who cares what is the %? Its all about traffic and how much you can make through it on the end. If website have 10K views a month will you be happy to have 50% through them? Not likely since you will probably not make any money anyways.
  20. As far as I have seen you were on #1st page of HN - congrats, thats a huge achievement! Great project btw.
  21. Yeah, those are good, the thing is that after some play (30-40 seconds) I had so fire power I wasnt able to lose, so anything that could change that would be great. Anything that is immune/reflects/shields would be great I will keep an eye on this project, it looks nice!
  22. Nice game but unfortunately it seems I couldnt die in the game so after 2-3 minutes I got all the powerups it became pretty boring. Maybe add immune obstacles once in a while? Good job!
  23. Very nice game. Constantly getting close to 60fps, nice graphics and interesting gameplay. Good job!
  24. Funkyy


    Ousaf - no, you cant. Free license is only for personal and non-profit work.
  25. Hi guys. I have a suggestion for forum - hopefully @Rich will read it. Could we get limit to signature sizes? Like to 100 pixels or something? Some of the signatures used by members are ridiculous atm. Also the issue is when you access the site with mobile you waste precious bandwidth loading this monstrous graphics. What do you think?