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  1. @XekeDeath Sure thing, we put up a video of an 8 player game we had running (4 blindfolded players and 4 players controlling them). Here you go: Disclaimer: languages in the video are English and Maltese, but you don't really need to hear us speak
  2. I made a GGJ entry using Phaser, but I used it in a very unconventional way:
  3. scutajar

    Web Audio API

    Hey, how would I integrate some of these Web Audio API functions into Phaser's sound?
  4. I have this weird issue when running on tablets. I have a simple if statement to detect whether the game is running on a desktop or on a mobile device, and to scale down the game accordingly (2048 x 1536 for desktops, and 1024 x 768 for mobile devices). On desktops, this works fine. On a tablet however, there is a couple of seconds of delay before loading the preloader screen, and the wait is quite significant. After that, everything works smoothly, it just seems to be something in the boot screen (where I'm doing nothing except loading a background image and 1 out of 4 possible loading bars). I've tried setting it so that it runs in Phaser.CANVAS on mobile devices and Phaser.WEBGL on desktops, but this doesn't seem to have solved the problem (I end up waiting on a blank screen instead of a black box). Any ideas? I'm using the same background for both desktops and mobile devices (ie: 2048 x 1536 large). I'm guessing it might be the cause of the problem, but I figured that since it was only 226kb, it shouldn't really that more than 10 seconds to load.
  5. I was scaling the sprite as soon as I added it to the game, and then assumed that the crop would happen normally (which it didn't). All I wanted is a smaller version of my current sprite, I'm not looking to do any fancy effects for now. (Thanks for listing the event though!) So am I right in assuming that I'm going to need a second version of my graphic?
  6. I'm trying to scale the sprite that I'm setting as a preloader sprite, and it seems to react very weirdly, as it crops the sprite instead of scaling it. The cropping that is part of the preloading still occurs, but the sprite is now cut off from below and from the size. Any idea what's wrong?
  7. Fixed! What I did was set the graphics line style and the moveTo method on this.Down, and then call graphics.lineTo on this.Move.
  8. Right, so I've been trying to get this gesture recognition script to work with Phaser 1.1.2. My current set up is as follows: I'm using Rich's basic template, and once the Game state is entered, a gestures object is loaded. I've modified the code slightly to be able to pass the Phaser game object in; this allows me to detect the canvas object that Phaser creates. My problem is here, however. If the gestures script uses Phaser's canvas, I don't see anything drawn. If I let the script generate its own canvas on top of the Phaser canvas, I see everything normally. I'm not exactly sure how I'm meant to solve this, or if I can just leave the page with 2 canvases and work from there.
  9. I agree with Travis, I'd love to get my hands on some example code that goes into more detail about setting up a whole game (including preloading screens, state changes and organization of separate files). Can't wait!
  10. I'm using Phaser 1.0.6 and setText works perfectly. turnA, you should also place setText in the update function, not just in the create function.
  11. I've managed a workaround by killing the existing sprite and creating a new sprite with the graphic I needed. Not exactly what I had in mine, but it works for now.
  12. Just a quick question regarding changing a sprite's graphic while the game is running. Before, this was done using the sprite's function loadGraphic. This doesn't exist anymore, and unless I'm missing something, I haven't found a suitable replacement in either Phaser.Sprite or PIXI.Sprite. Any help would be appreciated
  13. Awesome, I must have missed that, thanks so much!
  14. Actually, I just tested it again, and the only time this is happening is when the sound is the same, ie: the game plays goodSound, and must play goodSound again. I'm assuming the sound isn't played because it technically is already playing, but is there any way to force it to play the same sound again?
  15. That's it, one should cut the other off. As it stands, the first sound keeps playing, and the second sound never plays. (Strangely enough, after this happens, if I keep dragging, nothing plays, and I have to wait a while before I can hear sound again.)