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  1. I have 29 different images named "ocean-0" to "ocean-28" that I preload using game.load.image(). I'm trying to make an animation with them using the following: var frames = Phaser.Animation.generateFrameNames('ocean-', 0, 28); this.water.animations.add('ocean', frames, 10, true); this.water.animations.play('ocean', 10, true); However I get this error: TypeError: this.currentFrame is undefined[Learn More] What am I doing wrong?
  2. Yup, that was it! I forgot about this post so I didn't see your response earlier.
  3. I have many bitmaptexts in my game. For some reason, numbers don't display correctly on iOS: (see attachment top middle) However, they display just fine on every other device. What could possibly be causing such behaviour?
  4. What else should I use in addition to cordova? Is it necessary to optimize for crosswalk? (assuming I don't like cocoon). Thanks.
  5. Cool! I'll hopefully make something this year.
  6. Hi Eddie, I'm wondering why you've decided to limit the contest duration to such a short time frame? Wouldn't you rather have more value for your money by having a larger time frame and hence more chance of quality submissions? Just curious.
  7. I'd strongly recommend you program your simulation in c++. When physics engines are made in javascript they usually rely heavily on many approximations rather than absolute calculations (because the browser has too little RAM).
  8. Not sure if it's because of my slow internet connection or not, but anyway I tried it and It's quite slow and most irritatingly: restarts way too often. It would be fun developing for this kind of system if it was less buggy.. EDIT: Apparently I was getting that error because of browser not assigning enough memory for webGL games. I'm currently experimenting with it a little bit and it seems nice!
  9. I absolutely love your style! Hope we could work together on something in the future.
  10. The term is "webmaster" , google it and you'll find some interesting stuff.
  11. That's not really enough of an evidence to call people scammers and liars. Besides, have you ever heard of agar.io or flappybird ?
  12. I guess the part about 32k users is believable (facebook says 10k+). The part about selling the game is also believable as you can see Hopy's banners all over the place. The price is easily verifiable depending on Hopy's willingness to disclose such data. @OP: be it $8k or $800 Congratulations on the deal
  13. Thanks for the feedback! I've applied some contrast to the graphics as per your suggestions
  14. Play Game cueballgames.com/PTB-Demo/ Android Version play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.debels.PopTheBubbleLite Pop the Bubble takes the familiar concept of gridlock to a whole new level: Numerous targets , teleporters , lasers , and more interesting puzzle aspects! I've published this game on Android previously and It's been getting some nice feedback , so I figured it should probably do well in html5. Screenshots: Feedback is appreciated!
  15. Play Game http://cueballgames.com/DopaDeppz-Demo/ Dopa Deppz is a casual sports/arcade game consisting of four mini-games , in which you perform various skill tasks in order to collect more coconuts and hence play the other games. Screenshots: Feedback is appreciated
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