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  1. Hey! please contact us if you're interested in some high-quality games
  2. Well it's always better to obfuscate your work.
  3. Thank you very much guys! Going to improve the mechanics in my new game
  4. I'm trying to add payment info for my Instant game in Facebook. For some reason I keep getting this error: " Thank you for your interest in Audience Network. Unfortunately we are unable to accept your application at this time." Does anyone have the same problem? Facebook support doesn't say nothing about it, they just keep sending me template responses
  5. Hey there! Here is my game I created in 2017 in GameMaker: The game has millions of plays since the release date, even I enjoy it I want to port it to mobiles and see what will happen) Please let me know what you like and what you don't likie about it. I want to to add some features and rework the balance, so don't be shy pls, feel free to critisize
  6. DmitryD


    Just saw his mad messages in chat room Funny guy
  7. Well, TV still makes games in GameMaker, I created all of my games in Gamemaker.. It's just the matter of taste in which program you will create your games)
  8. No, I mean Gamemaker and Construct 2 are game constructors, cause you don't have to write the code natively in JavaScript
  9. Hey there! Well if you've just started to make games I coud reccomend you GameMaker, I've created my first game in a week from scratch. However nowadays sponsors don't prefer to buy games made in game constructors.
  10. Reborned, pubudu, Red Spark, True ValhallaThank you for the support guys! Well, I was launching new project each ~two months since August 2013. Most revenue came from exclusive licenses for "Space Chain" and "Amazing Elements", which I sold this spring. I really like exclusive licensing, however my first game Snake still generates me some money from non-exclusives and ads I launched my last game Ice-Cream, Please in July, and went non-exclusive way for it. It's already generated ~3k$ for me since the release date.