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  1. 10 HTML5 apps get 50,000 USD,means mobile web games?
  2. i can partner with you to redesing HTML5 games i have coders,how many games do you have? Contact me via Skype: wizardstudioz
  3. Hi all,i want to show my 3 games samples to know how they looking and request feedback Pool game: Magic marbles: Shooting marbles to match same color marbles moving around Jelly Blox match3: Move Blox vertically,horizontally to match More games will be ready when testing is finished appriciate any feed back on gfx
  4. thanks for all advice:) i will try to develop and check if its working
  5. Hey guys, i want to develop a physics game for mobile web like this game (http://www.addictinggames.com/shooting-games/zombie-shooter-game.jsp) ,i want to know if this type of games play well on mobile browsers. regards,
  6. Hi,my device is HTC sensation Z Firefox browser,Android os Game loads well and fast no lags I seen only glowing objects first with out fruits and later fruits started popping up same glowing thing appeared around fruits sometimes,may be fruits missing in the first Over all game experience is smooth for me
  7. You guys logged in via twitter now? or rigistered with email and using another account?
  8. App wall is not so good in html, as i seen appwall will be just small box and we must scroll to see content,leadbolt team said appwall look better/full screen in native apps.
  9. what ad type you use? app wall or just ad banner?