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  1. @bruno_ oh thank you for the information, I will rename it.. @Antriel thanks for the feedback, I will retest & debug the game.
  2. Try my latest game MONSTER TRUCK MADNESS Feedback are most welcome 😁
  3. Thanks πŸ˜„
  4. Hi, I'm Aditya from Antpixel Studio, I experienced in HTML5 games more than 5 years.. please find below some of my HTML5 games : - Monster Truck Madness = - Octo Refugee = - Zombie Madness = - Myth n Heros = - Bad Wolfs = - Drift Madness = - Knight Treasure = - Knight Run = - Fruit War = - Speed Maniac = - Duelers = - The Beanstalk = - Farm Attack = - Crane it up = - Cave Escape = - Turtle Reef = - Flappy Fish = - Soccer Madness = - Dungeon Hero = - Rabitto = - Ilip-ilip = - Zombie = - Swing Diving = - DJ Aby = - Saloon Madness = - Christmas Madness = - I'm Ghost = - Drive Thru = - Pirate Treasure = - The Builder = - Chicken Bomber = If you interested you can contact me directly to Regards, Aditya
  5. Try my game, mini car drifting game Title : Drift MadnessDescription : Burn tires on the asphalt, drift through endless corners & be the best DRIFTER & Suggestion welcome Happy Drifting
  6. Try my new game Myths N Hero : I Develop it using C2 and build to android using xdk πŸ˜„ Myths N Heros is an idle games / clicker games / tap games. Myths N Heros tells the story of the earth is currently dominated by evil monsters. You are one of the several heroes who wants to save the earth from the evil monsters. In your adventure you find the ancient scroll to summon heroes from the past (Mythological heroes) like Sun Go Kong, Hercules, Gatot Kaca, and others. With their help grab your sword and slay as many evil monsters on this earth, and don't forget to collect equipment along the journey to make you and your allies stronger. ❖ How To Play ❖ - Tap/Click to attack, - Tap/Click to leveling up, - Tap/Click to summon mythological heroes, - Tap/Click to make you and your allies stronger, - Tap/Click to using your great skill, - Tap/Click to collect money, - Tap/Click to use equipment, - Tap, tap and tap to slay as many evil monsters as you can, - or just leave it and let your allies finishing your job . ❖ Plan for Future Update ❖ - More Levels, - More Monsters, - More Equipments, - More Mythological heroes, - More Skills, - Play with friends, - etc Feedbacks are most welcome :
  7. Hi, thank you for test my game.. i will try to rebuild the game.. still wait the htc one m7 tester hehehehe :-D..
  8. Can anyone please help test my game in stock browser on android (especially htc m7 one, android 2.3.3, android 4.2.2 ) this is link to my game : Thanks :-D
  9. Hi, you can try ask my brother, he usually also do an outsource game graphics, he can make low-poly 3d, pixel art, etc. This is link to some of his work : If you interested you can contact him at : just said you got the contact from his little brother hehehehe
  10. Hi, feel free to test my game at: >> 1.>> 2.>> 3.>> 4.>> 5.>> 6.>> 7.>> 8. Feedbacks are also most welcome.If you interested please contact me at: Thanks.
  11. Thank you, I use construct2 for this one. Thank you Thanks, I like Pablo too, my brother design it yes is not too different from the original, I initially made ​​this game just to try construct2 game engine, but when I tried to sell it, I am glad to know some publishers like this game. Actually I've been made ​​a game like this in j2me, so it's rapid the production process. Thanks for the suggestion, many said so, but I think I can't fix it in the near future, because now I'm in the process of making a new games Thank you, sorry i forgot to create tutorial for this one
  12. Hi, thank you for playing my game, the development time for this game is 2 days.. At a certain score there will be a new enemy, I think the process should be faster so the players do not get bored in the beginning
  13. Saloon Madness Because Pablo's Bar famous for its homemade beer, the bar owned by pablo always full of visitors, please help Pablo run the business. Control: click to move and click again to distribute the beer. do not forget to take the empty glass.when customers do not get the beer, the game is over This is my first HTML5 game.This game was released on December 2012.Feedback are also most welcome
  14. hi.. i want to ask if leadbolt will display ads when we played games on pc "windows/mac os" ? .. thanks