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  1. Another massive update! Took a few months longer than expected unfortunately. Matchmaking is finally here! You can create a party of up to 3 people and find games vs other groups or solo players all over the world. It also now has a much larger, more strategic and fun map, and chat between players. Performance issues have been fixed and a lot of towers and minions have had balance changes. Please let me know if you find bugs, have performance issues or feel some strategy is far too overpowered compared to the rest.
  2. Host the game somewhere and post the link here, I'd like to have a play and I'm sure others would too.
  3. Cool thanks! Though looks like it's broken atm? I've been looking around for a good way to build UI's in PIXI for a while. Have been using HTML/CSS for my game UI but it's a bit too slow and hard to animate sometimes.
  4. @sergioreynel - Unfortunately the game is balanced around 3 vs 3 play so it's not very fun with just 2 people. I'm almost done on the next release which fixes a lot of the lag issues and also adds matchmaking so you and your friend can verse others around the world Cheers, Soalce
  5. For Tower Storm I made the main game area 960 x 640 but made it so it can work slightly scaled down as sites like Kongregate only allow a max width of 800px. For phones I wouldn't bother targetting smaller than 960 x 640 as the phones that have a resolution less than that usually aren't fast enough to play HTML 5 games at a decent FPS anyway (unless your game is extremely simple).
  6. @TDMike - Sorry I didn't see your post earlier. We're giving up on mobile version for now as it's been too hard to test on all mobiles for each release and focusing on PC will allow us to get things like matchmaking and unit abilities out faster. @Funkyy - Thanks! By lagging do you mean it was freezing? Or just that when you sent units they took a long time to come out? Or was the actual FPS rate dropping (every bullet and effect would look like it was playing slower if this is the case)?
  7. Wow so much has changed in the last 10 months, it's about time this post got an update . The games graphics and UI have been completely changed. I'm now using PIXI.js as the renderer along with ImpactJS as the main engine (It actually wasn't too hard to integrate the two, I'll post a tutorial soon if anyone is interested). Minions now cost gold to upgrade instead of requiring you to collect souls. You can also have 20 souls available for all minions rather than only being able to send 5 of each minion type. There are now 5 races each with 2 minions, you can send both your own and your
  8. I've been working on a multiplayer tower defense game for the last year or so called Tower Storm. The first thing I'd reccommend looking into is using nodejs as your server and socket.io for sending messages. Socket IO is amazing and will make your life 10 x easier than trying to use websockets directly. It's basically a wrapper around websockets that falls back to using different methods of sending messages on older browsers and is much easier to use than Websockets. There's a really good tutorial on building a multiplayer game using NodeJS + SocketIO here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a
  9. Thanks for the feedback everyone! Really happy to hear people are enjoying the game I've been spending a ton of time refining and polishing the gameplay and all your suggestions are super helpful. @whirlibulf - Thanks! Glad you enjoy it @Hutto - Ah that'd either be due to the servers cpu being overloaded or can also be caused by a flakey internet connection. What kind of connection were you playing on? @Oxoxx - Good idea, I'd love to have more maps, and a random generator would be awesome! @txvyrush2 - Planning on having it on both I'm working on Android first then iPhone / iPad n
  10. Hey All, Sorry the bot server crashed the other day which is why you couldn't play with them. They are all good now . I'm looking to add matchmaking soon, trying to make sure the gameplay is awesome first. And if anyone wants to play a game with me and some of my friends send me a tweet (@TowerStormGame) or jump in http://chat.towerstorm.com Cheers, Solace
  11. Play Tower Storm I'm trying a new take on the Tower Defense genre, making an easily accessible TD game you can play with friends either versus bots or each other. The game is made for 3 vs 3 games but less is fine too. You build and upgrade towers as normal. Then you also send minions at your opponents defenses. You gain more income for every minion you send. There are smaller castles on the map on the way to your opponents base with 10 health each, when you destroy them your minions gain more health and speed (click on each castle to see how much). It currently works in all modern
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