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  1. Hello all, I'm looking to sell the source code to several of my GameMaker-studio based mobile-web HTML5 games. I won't be posting them publicly, but if you PM me I will answer promptly with the games, prices, and any other information you might need. Thank you
  2. I've been using GM for about 2 years and never ran into an issue
  3. I do agree, with the other (positive) comments here however, it's awesome to see other successful HTML5 players $15,000 is a good amount for the first year, with the growing market and some hard work you could triple it.
  4. Ouch. Harsh. Maybe work on your internet etiquette a bit? Constructive criticism would be much more effective than your unproductive bashing. What are you trying to do, actually help, or are you saying this in your defense because you are insecure? If it's the second option, please leave this forum, you will be of no help to the community.
  5. It's truly inspiring to see the amount of other developers trying to make money in this business, and to see that they are doing successful
  6. Well Rich (forum admin) created a framework called Phaser, and it would probably be beneficial to learn how to use with your JavaScript, as there is a subforum specifically for support with this
  7. Add an option that says "True Valhalla Told Me To" under the Why Did You Learn section xD
  8. Wow. I just realized that I replied to your original post and then we had a Skype talk and I didn't even realize it was you who I originally replied to. If that made any sense lol.
  9. I have some games you might like at http://www.terrifiedvirus.com/games.html Email me at terrifiedvirus@gmail.com if interested
  10. Probably not, this is one of the largest casual games distributors of all time.
  11. I actually really liked this one, it ran pretty smooth for me, which my games never do xD
  12. Ah ok, I've been looking around for this subforum for a while haha.
  13. I too use GM:S to make HTML5 games. It is easy to allow these games to run well on mobile devices too. But yeah, as Solidus said, learning scripting languages like JS will definitely help
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