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  1. Hye, We made several animation with spine, and for organization the animator use same names for your skeletal structure. Then when I implements this in my code, some animations render wrong images. I imagine this is due to the fact that the same names of images and skeleton exists in several animations. But I'm not right about this. Anybody has a problem like this?
  2. I solved this by using: .click
  3. But I still poss to doubt the override ....
  4. Well, I can do it! I just needed to add an animation with addAnimationByName, add the second and add the first again. After this, I replaced the state.update like this: spine.state.update = function(delta) { this.currentTime += delta; this.previousTime += delta; this.mixTime += delta; if (this.queue.length > 0) { var entry = this.queue[0]; if (this.currentTime >= entry.delay) { this._setAnimation(entry.animation, entry.loop); this.queue.push(entry); this.queue.shift(); } } };
  5. Hye, I've a case, where the animator made a complexi animation, but he divided the animation in two. Now I need play the two animation simultaneous. I use spine.setAnimationByName and I'm adding a animation with spine.state.addAnimationByName I tryed to override spineObject.state.upadate = function(delta){ this.queue.push(this.queue[0]);, update)} Then I get a error... I can't access state.update in prototype. I tryed other ways to access prototype of the spine.AnimationState (in line 8364 in pixi.js), But I could not. I'm beginner in javascript, and don't know how access this type of prototype. [pixi.js line 7479]PIXI.Spine = function (url) {...this.state = new spine.AnimationState(this.stateData); ....}; Anybody can help me?
  6. Hey, I'm trying to set a mousedown and touchstart in a Spine object, but this don't dispatch a event. After this I tried to set a hitArea in spine, but this don't made diference. What I can do?
  7. This is not a stopper to my... I'll use PIXI.CanvasRenderer.How I'm using Pixi in my company site, it must work to lay people who do not know how updating the vga drive ... sorry for my poor English, may not have expressed myself right.
  8. Well. then it's not a good idea to use for end customers...
  9. Hey! I dont know if I can reopen this topic, but... I'm try to use PIXI.autoDetectRenderer with a mask in a spine object, and it's not working in Chrome and Firefox, but working in IE10. If I set the spine.mask nothing is rendering. If I force PIXI.CanvasRenderer, in all browser it's will working... why?
  10. Hy people, I'm try to use hitArea in spine object, but I can not! See the code below. spine = new PIXI.Spine("../content/animations/page2/boy.json");//Set to page scale;spine.scale.x = spine.scale.y = scale;//Get the size in layout;spine.position.x = $('#page-2').offset().left + origialX + (70*scale)/2 + 240;spine.position.y = 274 + (104*scale)/2;//Set the current Animationspine.state.setAnimationByName("Idle", true); // make the button interactive.. spine.setInteractive(true);spine.hitArea = new PIXI.Rectangle(0,0,100000, 100000);// set the mousedown and touchstart callback..spine.mousedown = spine.touchstart = function(data){ alert('sasdfsdf'); //console.log(this);};containner.addChild(spine);