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  1. I finished it today. Link above!
  2. ugriffin


    Thanks. Jesse's been considering bringing a Karoshi game to HTML5 but in all honesty I wouldn't know how he's been faring with that. That said, we've also been working on a C++ game called 'New Karoshi' which you should be looking forward to.
  3. I love how some of the patrons are criminals hehe. Very nice.
  4. ugriffin


    Hello! I'm a desktop indie dev, and I'm looking to join the HTML5 development bandwagon. This forum looks great! I'm guessing this is the standard 'introduction' thread, so I'd like to go ahead and say hello.
  5. Hey everyone, I've mostly been a 'native code, FY!' type of guy, and I've ignored HTML5 for the most part. However, after checking out some of the earnings people do on HTML5 I figured a stab at it would be a good way to try to make some money, and, failing that, improve my art skills. So yesterday I started churning out the art for my very first game, Bomb Fall. It's a very basic, mobile-targeted game, and I'm trying to be as austere as possible code-wise because I am not yet familiar with HTML5's performance across browsers. Made with GameMaker: Studio. Any feedback of the art-direction I've taken is greatly appreciated, as my main non-monetary reason for this is to make better art. I've also localised it to Spanish and French. Play here: