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  1. I know this is an old thread, but what's the status on this now? Is it ok to completely move over to WebGL without affecting sales?
  2. Someone on the GMC helped me out. Seems like the function is a bit bugged. But using "obj_btns.rname="one"" works just fine.
  3. Hi everyone I'm having some trouble trying to execute a script through clickable_add. This is what I have: Sprites spr_room1 spr_room2 Scripts gmcallback_scr_room1() rname="one";room_goto(room1);gmcallback_scr_room2() room_goto(room2);Objects obj_btns (persistent) create event rname="Start";btn_room1=clickable_add((browser_width/2)-100,browser_height/2,sprite_get_tpe(spr_room0,0),"gmcallback_scr_room1()","","");btn_room2=clickable_add((browser_width/2)+100,browser_height/2,sprite_get_tpe(spr_room1,0),"gmcallback_scr_room2()","","");draw event draw_text(10,10,string(rname));Rooms (all 640x480) room0 (contains obj_btns and window_center() in room Creation code) room1 room2 When clicking on btn_room2, it goes to room2, but when clicking on btn_room1, it does absolutely nothing. Am I doing something wrong or am I missing something about how the clickable_add function works? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi everyone So after a few months of not being able to do anything due to personal and health issues, I can finally continue creating games again. I just have two questions in regards to publisher requirements. 1. Do they still require the games to run with the URL bar hidden for stock android browsers? 2. If so, how do you guys go about hiding the thing on the newer firmwares? I've tried googling around a bit, but couldn't really find anything in regards to this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. "gmcallback_test" is a script created inside of GMS. You would then call it with this: clickable_add(x,y,sprite_get_tpe(spr_test,0),"gmcallback_test()","","");The "gmcallback_test" script should be calling the external js functions. Hope this helped.
  6. Figured it out. You need to name the gml script gmcallback_* For instance, i would have a script called "gmcallback_test" and just have that script executed when the clickable_add button is clicked
  7. Hi Everyone How would I go about running some js code through clickable_add in GameMaker Studio? I have tried various things without success. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. 1) Not sure what happened there, but it should've said "Play" when it's your 1st time playing the game. Then when you returned to it later, it should've said "Restart" and "Continue". "Restart" to restart the whole game, and "Continue" to continue where you last left off. It's fixed now 2) This was on my todo list. I challenged myself to create a game in under 10 hours and didn't have the time to do the tutorial/instructions. Will probably add one tomorrow. 3) Will have to look in to this....
  9. PLAY This is my 2nd game called StarStruck, It's a simple puzzle game involving navigating your green tile to the goal while avoiding the red tiles. Includes 20 Levels and an auto save feature. Feedback and opinions are welcomed.
  10. Same here. I need to set my user agent to desktop
  11. Updated OP To everyone, thank you very much for testing.