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    Draf reacted to wizardstudioz in Need unpublished HTML5 games for publishing   
    i do have few friends/publishers who take HTML5 games.if anyone have quality games to sell then please contact me.
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    Draf reacted to feyninja in [WIP] Endyr - RPG Adventure Survival MMO   
    Wow wow, this exciting me alot. RPG always is my favorite game genre, best wish for your project.
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    Draf reacted to feyninja in Cube Factory   
    Totally addicted. The music, the graphics, the visual effect, you've done a good job with this game.
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    Draf reacted to andreyin in [WIP] KittySling   
    Hi there! I'm making this game with a couple of friends in Construct 2. Basically you have to pull the cat and release it, so it flies around to get the bird, which takes you to the next level. You can gather stars on each level too, and use them later to buy outfits for your cat (but we still have to implement that).

    We want to release it for iOS first and see if we can make some money out of it so we can keep working on it, but we're really new at all this and could use some tips... I've been reading about game monetization but the more I read the more it confuses me haha! So any help is deeply appreciated.
    Currently we have no devlog or anything, but I usually tweet about it when I'm working on it at @andreyin. Might also update it here once in a while, when we've got a better prototype.

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    Draf reacted to rich in Happy Christmas everyone :)   
    Happy Christmas fellow devs!
    Even if you don't celebrate it, I still hope you have a great day today
    It has been quite a year huh? Some amazing things have been happening and I'm really proud to be part of this awesome community.
    Seriously looking forward to 2014.
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    Draf reacted to TommyBs in WIP - My first game   
    Thanks for the kind words guys. I guess my pixel art still needs some work though @Draf as it's meant to be the little jeep from Jurassic Park!
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    Draf reacted to 2Dcube in HTML5 game portfolio   
    I promised to update this topic with information about how my games were doing... so I'm doing that now.
    To be honest I have not further pursued much with HTML5, in stead wandering off to do other things. But I have sold 4 non-exclusive licenses (to 2 companies, one took all 3 which was Buongiorno). I can't state the amounts but the prices were good (not underselling myself). I feel I can probably sell more if I can reach some more publishers so I might jump into the HTML5 thing again soon.
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    Draf reacted to ryoshenron in [WIP] Ghost House in Demon Country - a point-n-click RPG   
    Ghost House in Demon Country

    I have recently put up a brief demo of the RPG I have been working on using the Crafty.js library. This is an 8-bit-style RPG that is being designed with play on a mobile device in mind, and has an entirely point-and-click interface in which you don't have to move around your character, but simply touch/click things you want to interact with like in the old first-person point-and-click adventure games. It also features turn-based battles like the old NES RPGs such as Dragon Quest. The art style is inspired mostly by Earthbound Zero (Mother) and the NES Final Fantasy titles.
    This demo is not yet set up properly for playing on most mobile browsers, but I might put up a mobile version of the demo soon for testing purposes. So far the game runs correctly in the latest Chrome and Firefox, but does not display correctly in Internet Explorer (I have not yet figured out how to prevent IE from smoothing out the pixel art graphics when the game is scaled up), though it should still be playable in IE.
    I have not added audio or game saving yet, but this demo is so short that saving your game won't be necessary.
    I basically just want a bit of feedback to see if anyone thinks this could be a fun and interesting game worth the effort or not.
    And finally, here is the demo: http://ryoshenron.com/ghost-house-demo/index.html
    A little background on myself: I have been a hobbyist game developer since around 2008, when I started working on my first Flash game. Since then, I made several games in Flash before then trying my hand in mobile game development by making a native Android-only game utilizing the Andengine, called Panic in Zombie Town, which I released on Google Play for free. Looking for something to code my games in that is more cross-platform, I had recently decided to move over to HTML5 game development, and this will be my first game in that platform.
    Thanks for taking the time to look at my little project.
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    Draf reacted to YellowAfterlife in [2-Player] Tap-for-Fun   
    Tested on HTC Wildfire S @ Android 2.3.5, default browser.
    Running game in portrait mode isn't possible at all - game flickers to black and white, while consuming device resources with great appetite.
    So I've ran game in landscape. Not my kind of fun, with browser bar not retracting at all.
    Game itself runs at roughly 3-7 fps, seemingly due to number of particles used. This also makes playing with AI pointless since it seems to rely on per-frame timing.
    Tapping multiple times caused browser to trigger zoom in, taking last chance to play the game away.
    Overall, things aren't going well with this. Nice visuals though.
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    Draf reacted to 2Dcube in HTML5 game portfolio   
    Hi Everyone,
    I'm new to this forum and recently started looking into doing some HTML5 games and see where it takes me. I already got some help from Solidus, he's a really cool dude.
    I made 3 little games so far, and with each game I try to take only 3 days or less of development time.
    My portfolio: http://www.venbrux.com/html5-games/
    (the site is optimized for mobile, as well as the games)
    It would be great if anyone wants to comment on any of the games, and if you're a publisher feel free to message/email me.
    I try to make original concepts, or do original takes on existing concepts and try to maintain a good level of polish. If I'm missing anything let me know! What I'm unsure about is how well my games fit the HTML5 market and exactly what HTML5 game players want. That's something I hope to keep learning with each game.

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    Draf reacted to TommyBs in WIP - My first game   
    Hi all,
    First post here. Bit of background about me first of all. I've been developing for quite a while now and I've always wanted to try my hand at making a game. I bought ImpactJS ages ago but never really got round to trying anything with it until a few months ago. I never really thought anything I did was "finished" (and I mean that in the programmer sense! I know nothing is every really finished). I never really thought anything was polished enough and I guess I didn't want to share anything. However, the only way to grow and to get better is to get constructive criticism. It's also a nice excuse for a first post. And for anyone else who has the same self doubts, I suggest reading this http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/184797-The-answer-to-every-Can-it-be-done-and-I-ve-lost-my-way-post
    So anyway, on to my game. It's simple infinite scroller. The control are simply the arrow keys I've made all the art myself apart from the dinosaur. I'm still trying to make one/ find someone who can make one as this one is from JP on the snes. It's tricky animating! I've ported my game onto my win phone as well and would like to release it, hence why I'm trying to find an artist. I know it's not the greatest, but I'm proud I actually completed something. Getting it into a store will also help me get used to the submission process.
    Would welcome any feedback