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  1. Before 2008? I'm sorry, I was a teen in a 3rd world country at this time. 😞
  2. Hi Odiusfly! Are you still getting this monthly result from wanted5games (old Cloudgames)? How many games do you have there now? Cheers,
  3. Hi b10b, What you mean by "In 2020 web is experiencing a resurgence"? Is it worth going back to licensing games again?
  4. Hi All, I am thinking of putting a daily bonus system in one of my games. However, without a backend to check the time, the only alternative would be to use the time on the user's device, which would allow him to change the time to get the prizes faster. I would like to know if there is a way for me to have access to the correct time without the user being able to cheat and without a backend. I wanted to use a service like this (API): https://openweathermap.org/ But I haven't found any api that provides me with the correct time for me to check using AJAX, for example. Do
  5. hilty

    OkijinGames Visual Fx

    Thanks @Antriel ! :-) I saw the link that you do not understand very well. Waiting for help from them!
  6. hilty

    OkijinGames Visual Fx

    Hi Guys, Recently I found two games from Okijin Games with a nice vfx. Take a look: When two pieces connects, the texture become one with a cool animated inner-glow. In this game, the same effect but with a different approach. When you "cut" a piece, the game creates two pieces with the same cool animated inner-glow and different background in each piece. My doubt is... 1 - How to do this cool animated inner-glow in vanilla javascript? 2 - How to cut and join objects in a game? The links for the videos: https://www.youtube.com/wa
  7. I'm building a web app that allows the user to build a mobile app from their creations. I'm looking for a cloud service that allows me to send a zip file (or something like that), build the app and return a ID to me. With this ID I could access some app properties and download the generated file, like AWS S3 API does. I search in google and don't find nothing like that. Please could someone help me with that? Detail 1: This don't need to use cordova. I just put it in the title because I don't know how to call this thing that I'm looking for. Detail 2: I found the Phonegap build API
  8. Anybody here have already received the payment?
  9. Please could you post the link to this reddit topic?
  10. I think that the "plan B" of the flash developers was HTML5. So what is the plan B of the HTML5?
  11. Hi guys, How are you? Have a lot of time since my last game. :-) So, today I have a new game to show you. Pimi Jumpers is a platform game with beautiful graphics and a lot of jumps. :-) Features: - Fullscreen mode - iOS icon / Web App Capable - 4 game level styles (normal, spines, water and lava) - 8 characters (some with unique abilities) - 15 different enemies - 30 levels - 60 missions - Shop - Power Ups - Optimised for mobile devices, the download is less than 1.3mb* - Localization support** - Game download is more faster after the first gameplay * Without sounds ** Languages av
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