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    hilty got a reaction from Lonan in [Course] HTML5 Game Development with Phaser   
    What you think? Any feedback?
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    hilty reacted to ozdy in What Happened to Market.js?   
    All the premium games are made by MarketJS ?!
    It seems to me that site is the portfolio of the developer named "market" than an actual market.
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    hilty reacted to powerfear in Move from A to B in X seconds?   
    You can look at some open source javascript tweening library:
    and heres a quick snippet of a very simple interpolation:
    var start = {x:0, y:0};var end = {x:200, y:200};var duration = 1000;var frac = 0;var starttime = Date.now();var time = 0;function interpolate(a, b, frac){ var nx = a.x+(b.x-a.x)*frac; var ny = a.y+(b.y-a.y)*frac; return {x:nx, y:ny};}function loop() { //this would be called every frame time = Date.now(); frac = (time - starttime) / duration; interpolate(start, end, frac);}
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    hilty reacted to powerfear in Iphone Problem   
    I just tested it on my ipod 5 seems to work fine.
    Thought I hate the controls of the game, I keep accidentally scrolling the browser when trying to use the arrows. I think you should just make it so you press somewhere on the screen and it make the player go toward that place, but thats just my opinion.
    Edit: After playing a bit more i got used to the arrow, realized you can actually press a large ammount outside the arrow and it still works
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    hilty reacted to K1kk0z90 in Iphone Problem   
    I've tried your game on my iPod Touch (4th gen).
    There are arrow keys on screen to move. When you touch screen on the arrows you can change direction, but when you leave your finger, the character continues to move in that direction.
    If this isn't the behaviour you expect, then this is the bug they emailed you about.