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  1. The .gex extension needs reinstalling and objMHTML5 needs to be reloaded. I don't think I altered any scripts this time around, so you should be able to leave those.
  2. No problem guys, before you start tinkering, here's a new version Build 3 (version ID 20130912-3) is up here. Changes: centering variable added, allows the developer to select whether or not they want the game centered in the browseraddress bar behaviour updated - iOS devices with long screens now properly supportedDocumentation fixesHomepage / Donations here. I received my first donation yesterday, which was awesome :3
  3. Hi there! I've already posted a few times about my GameMaker engine, but I thought I'd come and introduce myself anyway. I'm an independent developer with titles published to iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8. My projects there have been doing OK, but not spectacularly. I've been interested in making HTML5 games for a while now but never really got myself going. That's all changing now as I've released my first independent html5 game here: http://www.marketjs.com/game/store-room and I hope to release many more in future! I also hope that I can come here and help in any way possible
  4. A new version is up that features a variable to enable desktop mode the way you wanted it. Trouble is that disables windows phone / windows RT support because GameMaker cannot detect windows phone / windows RT from within internet explorer. So you have to choose between desktop support & windows phone support or publish two versions of the same game.
  5. Thanks for your comments Hmmm, that's a shame. Haven't got such a device to test on myself, it worked fine on my android phone though and there is no obvious place for any kind of memory leak in the code as far as I can see... I'll have to see what I can do about it, hopefully I'll figure it out! You're not a minority this has annoyed other people too Personally I thought it was a nice feature to be able to test the engine works with your game without having to keep deploying to a server and testing on a phone... You could then insert an OS check in the final build before any of the
  6. This is my first post, sorry it's kind of a self-promotion, but my friend (who maybe appears here as YellowAfterLife?) thinks you guys might find it appealing. mHTML5 Optimized is a GameMaker: Studio project file that allows you to optimize your html5 games for use on mobile phones and tablets. The engine scales your game to fit the screen of each device, hides the address bar on iOS and forces users to play in the correct orientation. These are all things that are required (or at least helpful) when submitting your game to mobile game portals and sponsors. There are currently a few
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