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  1. Hi all! Which service do you know and suggest to implement rewarded video ads for an HTML5 web (not native app) game? Thank you in advance
  2. Hi all! Today I want to share with you, fellow developers, my new HTML5 game, Forest Night Flight. Link: http://www.fedeali.eu/public/webgames/ForestNightFlight/ This is the first HTML5 game I made after few years of “break”. I switched engine, from GameMaker to Construct 3, and I have to say it revealed a good choice for this project. Forest Night Flight is an endless arcade game optimized for mobile browsers, supporting both Landscape and Portrait orientations. As a clumsy witch, fly on your broom for as long as you can, watching out for obstacles in the forest! Hold your finger on screen (or hold pressed left mouse button) to rise, and leave the finger (or release left mouse button) to fall down with gravity. For this game I worked on design and (visual) programming, while my friend and colleague Carlos worked on graphics. Music and SFX have been purchased from third parties. We would like to try selling either exclusive or non-exclusive license(s). What do you think of our game? Feedbacks, either positive or negative, are all welcome. Thank you in advance for trying our game! Link: http://www.fedeali.eu/public/webgames/ForestNightFlight/
  3. K1kk0z90

    DrawThis 2

    Very good! The single-player modes are a great addition. Just a note: when trying to guess, playing using Safari on iPad, when the iOS keyboard pops-in after I tap on the textbox, the letters placeholders at the top get hidden. You may want to re-think the layout a bit to allow the player to keep seeing important things also while the on-screen keyboard is visible.
  4. The game is pretty, but I can’t play it in portrait mode on my iPad Pro (using Safari), since the right half of the canvas is out of the screen. I can play in landscape after manually zooming out until the canvas is completely visible. I think you should try to automatically resize the canvas to optimize the experience on mobile devices.
  5. Thank you very much for your answer @b10b ! So the scroll trick on Safari doesn't work anymore. Googling to search for an alternative, I've read some forum threads about a solution involving to put the HTML Canvas into a container which is taller than the Canvas, and to prompt the user to swipe down to go fullscreen. Do you know about it? I still have to study it (so far I only found some threads talking about it, but I may have misunderstood). It could be a solution to hide the address bar on Safari, even if it is not done automatically anymore but it involves a user interaction. Great for WebGL! I remember it was rarely supported even on desktop browsers. So is it beginning to become supported even on mobile? Thanks again to everybody!
  6. Hi all! I’ve been out from HTML5 game development for a while, in fact last time I worked on an HTML5 game was back in 2014 when I made a game for which I managed to sell a non-exclusive license. I’m thinking about developing a new HTML5 game in my spare time, and try selling a non-exclusive license. So… how much have common sponsors’ requirements changed for mobile-ready (i.e. playable on a phone’s web browser) HTML5 games? And how much have solutions to achieve those requirements changed? For example, I remember that games had to hide address bar on Safari on iPhone, and this could be achieved with a trick of calling the Javascript window.scrollTo(0, 1) function. Does this trick still work today in latest iOS versions and newest iPhones? On Android, Chrome supports full screen API, so should I use that in addition to the aforementioned trick for iPhone? In 2014 a common resolution in which games were designed was 320 x 480, but if I recall correctly 640 x 960 was beginning to take place. What are commonest resolutions used today? Thank you in advance to everybody!
  7. I couldn't find a generic contract. I finally ended up writing it from scratch by myself. I made 2 sections. The first one, called "Parties involved", consists of a table with full name, address, email, website, company of both me and my client, respectively called "Seller" and "Buyer". The second section, called "Terms and conditions", simply lists all the terms and conditions, such as the list of game customizations asked by the Client with their respective agreed price, and all the conditions came to my mind that I thought should be added. It was the first time I wrote a contract, and it could be written much better, but it was OK and everything went well.
  8. Hi all! I'm going to sell my first non-exclusive license. My client asked me to prepare an invoice and a contract. So I have some questions that I'd like to ask to more experienced devs like you. I found this invoice generator. In the From field, what should I write? Only my name and surname, or also my address, website URL, email address, ...? And for Client field? I've never written a contract from scratch. Do you have some advices about how to write it? Maybe an example of a "skeleton" of a contract? I have clear in mind the conditions I want to write, but I haven't a clue about how to structure a contract in a professional way.Thank you very much in advance for your precious help!
  9. I tried using the Browser: Request Fullscreen action, also inside a Touch event, but it didn't work.
  10. Thank you for your answer. Infact I finally "solved" by installing r146 myself too. I think they should keep that feature, because there are still many iOS 6 devices out there.
  11. Hi all! I'm trying to hide address bar on iOS 6.1.5 in a Scirra Construct 2 project. I know this is a trivial task, and I managed to do it with GameMaker, but for some reason I can't make it work here. Here's what I'm doing: On start of layout: Browser: Execute Javascript if (!document.getElementById('space')) { var space = document.createElement('div'); space.style.height = '60px'; space.style.clear = 'both'; space.id = 'space'; document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0].appendChild(space);}Browser: Execute Javascript if (window.location.hash.indexOf('#') == -1) { setTimeout(function() { window.scrollTo(0, 1); }, 0);}When the page loads for the first time, it works perfectly. However, after the page has been refreshed, what happens is that the address bar still hides, but the canvas doesn't take all available space, but there is a blank space at the bottom of 60px (the height of the bar, and the height of the div I add to the page to increment space). What am I doing wrong? Thank you in advance!
  12. Regarding my post, now it works correctly with Phaser 1.1.1!
  13. Thank you for this tutorial! I'm following it to try using Phaser. I have a problem: when I call playerBat = createBat(game.world.centerX, game.world.height - 80);in the create function, the bat is not placed at horizontal center. It seems like if it's considering the sprite anchor (0, 0). But in the createBat function I set anchor to the center: // add a bat sprite to the game and return its reference function createBat(x, y) { var bat = game.add.sprite(x, y, 'bat'); bat.anchor.setTo(0.5, 0.5); // set hotspot to the center of the image bat.body.collideWorldBounds = true; // don't allow the bat to exit from screen bat.body.bounce.setTo(1, 1); // ??? bat.body.immovable = true; // when colliding with something, don't be thrown away return bat; }Note that I'm using version 1.07 of Phaser, probably a more recent version than the version used for this tutorial. Do you have changed something in Phaser that makes it not work? The code is almost the same of the tutorial (just changed some variables name, the y position of the player bat, and the world size). Thank you in advance!