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  1. In addition to that question, since you don't accept already made games, is the license of the newly created games exclusive? Can I use that game I made elsewhere?
  2. Hi @OkijinGames Great to hear from you again. I wish you success with your new project. I'm just curious, how do you plan to monetize Litemint if you have no cut, (and I don't see an ICO).
  3. Cool @themoonrat For 3000 complex graphics objects, I get: Pixi: 60 fps Phaser 3: 20-30 fps Phaser 2: 5 fps Any idea why's that?
  4. What @b10b said and also it is known that December is highest eCPM month of the year and it is followed by the lowest ecpm period.
  5. It seems the official forum for Babylon.js has moved here - https://forum.babylonjs.com/
  6. I'd really wait for Flutter to gain more speed, JavaScript (TypeScript won't die if JS is alive) is a jack of all trades at the moment and I don't see it dying soon. I'm a fan of Google, like the Go language for example, but it's not uncommon they make tech that soon becomes obsolete.
  7. Nice, would be better if you can hold down mouse and drag to draw.
  8. So, in the case of CrazyGames.com, not only have you blocked a game they were willingly hosting without blocked links, but you're also making false accusations of them blocking your links, as seen in the screenshot.
  9. @zoki_y8 Why have you blocked CrazyGames.com for example? They don't block outgoing links.
  10. I can play Mario in the jungle, maybe it was a temporary thing?
  11. ozdy

    N Queens

    Nice, btw finding an iterative solution to a recursive problem is both harder and more efficient, so dunno why your professor frowns
  12. Sorted! While this.animations.currentFrame.name works on non-paused and fails on paused, this.animations.currentAnim.currentFrame.name works everytime
  13. Hello, I'm defining a looped animation of several frames. My game logic requires that I pause the animation and do some logic based on whatever frame I'm on. If not paused, this.animations.currentFrame.name gives me the right frame aka CustomAnimation000X, however, if the animation is paused, it always gives me CustomAnimation0000, even if the frame drawn is CustomAnimation0008 for example. Any one can help me be able to pause an animation and get the frame I'm on? I pause/resume with this.animations.currentAnim.paused = true/false
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