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  1. Does any one have experience that could share about Telegram games? Thanks.
  2. Is there any compelling reason for one move from gulp to webpack? As far as I know, using plug-ins, gulp is able to do everything webpack does.
  3. I higly recommend the site There you will find tons of tutorials and some great books too. Good luck.
  4. Probably your implementation of functions displayFish and addFishToInventory are incorrect.
  5. You could do the following : In mini game you save the data (score, type and position of the fish,etc) and in the main state you read the storage and then you create items as needed.
  6. By the way, how long did it take to be made?
  7. Man, it is amazing. I hated the music of almost games I played, but I loved the music you used in the game. It fits perfectly. Did you made it yourself, did you hired someone to make it specifically for your game or what?
  8. My experience with TypeScript couldn't be better. I'm completely satisfied with results. @Tom Atom gave many excellent reasons for using it. Of course it's not a silver bullet that will assure your code will be the best one. It's developers' duty to create correct code. But a good tool can save you a lot of headache . What do you want? To make a game or keep debugging JavaScript code to discover where you messed up with a variable or, with the this context ? But in the end , it's more a matter of personal preferences, so don't take anyone advises. Give TypeScript a try. See how you feel about it. Then try plain JavaScript . Create a simple games, extend some sprites to include some functionalities... That'sthe best way for you to pick the right tool for yourself.
  9. There is no specific IDE for phaser. You can pick a good JavaScript editor.
  10. Do you know texture packed? Take a look :
  11. I like Phaser, cocos2d-js and openfl. Any of them will let you develop all kind of2D games. IMHO Phaser is the easiest to use and is the one with more tutorials and books.
  12. Hi. What's the best framework? I think that it's the one you know better. As far as I know you will have to either implement network logic yourself or you will use a third party library. I'm not aware of any framework specific for multi-player games. Regarding server-side question, as you have this kind of doubt it means you're not used to develop servers. So my opinion is the same: use the language / framework you know better. Forget about performance. Forget about asynchronous communication. Use plain HTTP. Forget about fancy technologies like web socket. Focus in making a simple server working well, implementing one feature at a time (for instance, make a simple tic-tac-toe with functions just to send user movement to server and a function in server that responds to game saying which will be next position of the opponent. Only after you've learned well how a server works you may wonder about performance, asynchronous communication, and so on. It may take years until you get the necessary expertise to make a great server. That said, if you're really interested in performance, a good option is lapis framework. It performed much better than any JavaScript framework. You can see benchmark here. But the most important thing: It uses lua / moonscript as its programming language, what are much easier than JavaScript. If you just want to make a multi-player game, its better for you to use someone else server and libraries. Take in consideration that it alone is a hard work.
  13. Hi. Would you like to perform a 1 to 1 rating exchange for Android games? In affirmative case, please contact me using private messaging.
  14. In order to build the app when using Intel XDK it's mandatory that you provide the developer's certificates for each platform you intend to generate the binaries. In case you don't have the certificates you will use to distribute the app, generate the certificates used just for development (I don't know about windows and apple, but for Android you can have a certificate valid for distributing on app store and other just for development purposes). Intel XDK doesn't built app locally. It sends your source code along the certificates to its own servers where the app will be built and signed.
  15. @The_dude8080 maybe I can . What's your problem? @BdR in order to know whether Intel XDK performs better than cocoonjs one needs to generate binaries for the same game and install them on the same device to check their performance. I didn't do it so I have no idea .