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  1. Nice game. The only problem I see: when I tap too fast, browser thinks I'm doing a double click and resizes the screen. I was playing on Opera browser version 60.2.3004.55409 on Android 10 Xiaomi Max 3.
  2. Nice game. Which framework did you used?
  3. I enjoyed reading your post. I'm waiting for the continuation of this series.
  4. Taking in account that no one accepted to help you, even with you offering money for the task, I think you should post this task on upwork.com. Good luck.
  5. @blackmoondev Would you mind detailing us how is this process ? Thanks.
  6. Your post is in the wrong place. It should be in frameworks -> pixi.js
  7. You can load assets when they were needed. For instance, if some images are used just on level 3 of your game you don't need to load them at the beginning of the game. It will help your game to start sooner.
  8. @BillyKaneFrom report made at January 14th 2020 (https://www.patreon.com/posts/matter-33149087), rich were working in improving Typescript definitions of matter.js, so it will be available in Phaser 4.
  9. Rich (the Phaser creator) told many times Phaser 4 will be compatible with Phaser 3. His objective is to make Phaser 4 development be made with Typescript instead of with plain JavaScript.
  10. Nice game and as @Nagval333 said its neon graphics are great. Which framework did you used?
  11. @GilbertM00e The OP wants to use AdSense for monetizing his games. He doesn't want to use it for advertising. Regards.
  12. @Marino I recommend phaser. - It's easy to learn to learn. - There are more than 1000 examples. - There are at least 10 books about it. - It has a huge community that will make it easier to get support. - It comes with batteries included (its full of features) Good luck.
  13. @b10b I try to share what I know. We're in a forum for doing this, after all.
  14. @b10b Thank you for correcting me regarding Unity. I know how hard it is to make money in the game industry, but I never told them it would be easy It seems OP and the others that posted didn't have a clue of monetization possibilities, so I told them some possible paths. If you have some other ways I'd like to hear too. Regards.
  15. I can't talk about Unity because I don't know it, but AFAIK it currently doesn't generates pure HTML5 code. One needs a plugin to run it on browsers. @Roth You'd better off picking a javascript framework. In this case i highly recommend Phaser.js .js. It is the best 2D framework hands down. If you intend to generate games for MS Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS, there are tools that allow you generate binaries for these platform from your javascript code. Other frameworks I'd recommend that generates HTML5/javascript framework are cocos2d-x (I'm talking specifically abo
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