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  1. Morticai, what CPM, eCPM, CTR your network has? Can you provide some average numbers, please.
  2. Rich, have you already tried it? Do I need to register usual adsense account for this? Or I can register adsense for youtube channel and then use it for game ads? Has anyone tried to put app on Firefox marketplace? Which ad network do use fot it?
  3. Haven't tested on mobile, but try like(maybe also blur() event): function myOpen() { var newWin ="","_blank"); newWin.focus(); }
  4. Looking for some ad service, that would not double proportionally depend on traffic(like True Valhalla mentioned about Leadbolt in this theme: So, ad network for start. After some researching, have found some: Ad4Game, Copacet, Madvertise, Mojivo, Inneractive(ads provider). Also this article: What can you recommend?
  5. Antylum

    Snake Enemy

    Hi! I think it depends on movement type - if it will be like on your picture, than it's approximately body.y = k*sin(body.x) Here is some information about movement types:
  6. Cut the rope is a good example of graphics harmony - look, how animated is it, also when you are not doing anything, each element on the screen has a movement, - with it player sinks much deeper to the game. Also nice sound effects and background music. To say more correct about foreground and background - By your game it's drawn in 2 different styles, like buy 2 different artists - in Cut the rope background and foreground have one style, colour palette of them is harmonious.
  7. I like the background graphics, but dislike the foreground - santa doesn't combine with it, looks glossy and too static - make some animation effects, when gift falls into his corb - success, and when not - failure animation. Moving staircase is looking negligently without antialiasing. It would be great, if elves on background would have some funny animations. Add some nice sounds effects. So, my global advice - redraw the foreground graphics with the style of background, but make add a little more contrast - I mean, that player would undestand, where are objects, that he can interact with, and where not - you can also achieve this with animations - they will take player attention. It's all Imho.
  8. Is canvas2d/WebGL in your project hardware accelerated? Node webkit supports webgl, does somebody know, is canvas2d also accelerated in node webkit?
  9. It's not the best choice, if you have a lot of sounds. Cause 1 .wav file can be bigger, than 1 .ogg + 1 .m4a, which are enough for all browsers.
  10. I think, IE still doesn't support the specification, msImageSmoothingEnabled. Same problem, here is what I found it(from You can take code from this article.
  11. I tested on iPhone 4 iOS 6 and there is no sound! Also strange, that there is no message with: 'Web Audio supported' or not, cause I have put it with alert message. Please, I need your help! Press the button and write, is it any sound? And write your OS version and device.
  12. Thanks for tip, Rich! I wanted to make drawback from Web Audio Api to AudioSprites, if iOS version is lower than 6.0. But after testing I see that one audio channel sounds very bad - it's better to have no sound. I found a way to check OS, think it will be helpful for somebody (tested by me only on windows) : var playerOS = 'dont know'; if(navigator.userAgent.match(/iPhone|iPad/gi)) { playerOS = 'iOS'; } else if(navigator.userAgent.match(/Android/gi)) { playerOS = 'Android'; } else if(navigator.userAgent.match(/Windows/gi)) { playerOS = 'Windows'; } else if(navigator.userAgent.match(/Linux/gi)) { playerOS = 'Linux'; } if(navigator.userAgent.match(/OSX/gi)) { playerOS = 'Mac OS'; } alert('Your OS is: '); alert(playerOS);
  13. For point-and-click game, or another one, that suggests to use only clicks, is it better to use standard 'onmousedown' event, or do touch events have smaller/bigger response time? Or it depends only on framerate and the best one is to put one of them in RAF call? Will RAF calls go faster, if framerate will be low, for example, <15?
  14. Hi all! Need to test audio playability on different devices, and if it's not good, I will use Web Audio - as it's supported only by ios 6.0 and later, I need to check OS version first. Here is the link: or shorten one: For that I use: navigator.appVersion,navigator.userAgent,navigator.platformThe most important is platform. Plz, write what your browser on iOS/Android and other mobile devices has for this values and your iOS/Android version. Second test is audio - it's 99% not loaded, so press on 'Try to load sounds' button and then on 'sound1', 'sound2', 'sound3'. Do the sounds can be played?
  15. To use 1 layer for 1 object is not the best idea - there are 20 objects on the scene, and switching between 20 layers to operate with object consumes much time. Haven't worked with Inkscape - can it save different parts of drawing as objects? Does it support working with raster images?
  16. Do you offer non-exclusive license or revenue share? Will the game be released few days before Halloween, or it can be launched much earlier(in the beginning of October or release date doesn't matter) ?
  17. I use Graphicsgale for creating pixel art. It has many cool features, but that one, that is missing for me, is object selection. Everyone, who have used flash, will understand - after drawing a simple object, like ball or more complex character, after conveting it to symbol or movieclip, whenever you click at this image, you can drag and edit it, cause it's properties are saved in memory. Is it possible to save object like this in graphicsgale or another bitmap graphics tool(free, paid)? Cause it takes much time to select area of object each time, when working with 2 or more on the scene. I'm looking for something like quick selection tool, but better are saved objects - for bitmap graphics!
  18. What amount of content is enough for publishers? Is it enough for them 5-minutes, but with complete story, game? Or they prefer more endless mode games, even with small amount of content? For players it doesn't matter so, cause we are talking about free HTML5 games.
  19. Looks promising! It would be amazing to play starcraft in browser
  20. I think you have searched this topic: P.S. Native english speakers, is it correct in previous sentence to say 'searched', or 'searched for' is better?
  21. Thank you very much! The problem was, that i created folder with name 'Public' and made folder public on my computer, instead of creating public folder on my account at Now it's solved!
  22. Besides in-app payments, chrome webstore offers monetization with ads - i have read this from article: There is said about ad networks: the good choice is adsense or ad4Game. Anyone has experienced with ad4Game? Is it possible to use as ad network? Which one is better and are there good alternatives for desktop browser game? In developer program policies i don't understand one thing: Does it mean, that i can use ads only for advertising my another games or links of my ported games to appStore, googlePlay, etc. No ad networks?
  23. I have created public folder, added to it game folder with images, scripts, sounds, and got the link to index.html file. But opening this link i see an offer from Dropbox to download it instead of viewing html. After adding ?dl=1 to the end of link, index.html is shown. But the scripts and images haven't been downloaded, so i see the content only from html file. How to fix it?
  24. Rich, i have tried oImageSmoothingEnabled and msImageSmoothingEnabled(tried in IE9) and they don't work - I think, the specification haven't been supported by Opera and IE yet. I thought about approach to scale pixelart during game loading and initialization, using getImageData && putImageData, so you create new image depending on player's screen resolution. Pros is that you write nearest-neigbour algorithm, which scales correct without smoothing(or how you have written it). Cons is that can take a while, cause put/getImageData are slow and if your game has many images. Luckily, i found a good article about this approach and much more. I recommend it to all: P.S. Rich, how is made pixelart graphics scaling for mobile devices(retina Ipads, Android) in Nutmeg?