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  1. @lumoludo and @bruno_ thanks for your answers. By the way @lumoludo, I like the Tumblewords game on your website
  2. I am looking to develop a 2D game using Phaser and want to target HTML5, Android and iOS with it. I see there are wrappers that can do this like the Intel wrapper, Cordova or Phonegap but what would be the best choice performance-wise? I am getting very confused by all the choices. What are your experiences using any of those wrappers? Is it also possible to use native OS functions? Things I would love to have are: "More apps/games" button which launches the app store. iOS Game Center and Android Google Play Services for highscores and achievements Mopub or Admob for launching interstitial ads/videos between levels. Are those functions available when using a wrapper and do they work well or would it be too buggy? On top of that, will device specific problems like screen-size cost a lot of time to solve or are there already approaches that can handle that efficiently?
  3. I use as my virtual resolution 640x854 where I put the game, UI elements etc in it. The background that I use with that resolution is 640x1140. This way I can cover all mobile devices from iPad aspect ratio to iPhone 5 aspect ratio. The game automatically shows more of the background if an iPhone 5 is used compared to the iPad. So in a sense, the game scales with the resolution as well as the aspect ratio of the mobile device. Also, I use 2 types of asset ratios. Devices that have a lower resolution than 960x640, thus lower than iPhone retina, will use a low resolution graphics while devices with a resolution from iPhone retina and up will use high resolution graphics. If the game is played on a PC, it will of course always load the high resolution graphics.
  4. Hey guys, thanks for answering my question It seems that my code is doing the costly transformations in my game and it is a bit too late to change that now. I'll keep it in mind for my next game though and see if I can organize everything better.
  5. I have tried looking at the Pixi source code trying to figure out why it is supposed to be the best HTML5 renderer on the web. But unfortunately I can not really figure it out. It seems to work with a Stage object where every sprite is attached to it via nodes so it can check when it needs to rerender the canvas. However, when it rerenders the canvas it still needs to repaint the background and thus have to redraw every sprite on the screen again. So how does this differ from naive rendering which sort of does the same?? I can not really figure out how Pixi.js has optimized the drawing calls to a canvas HTML5 game. I am trying to figure out the design principle of Pixi.js in order to find ways to improve the FPS in my game without porting everything to Pixi.js.
  6. hey I tried it on my samsung galaxy s1 on the Chrome browser. It is playable but it sometimes slows down a bit, it also freezes for 1 second when I die.
  7. Thanks for the reply, I'll try to apply your method for Android and I guess I need to design my game to adapt to the iPhone.
  8. Hey guys, Do you guys happen to know how to get a HTML5 game to work fullscreen on an Android device?? My game is 320x480 and my phone is 480x800, so the game only takes a portion of my screen... I got it working on the iphone, but I can't find any information on how to do it on Android. Oh btw on the regular iphone and the iphone 4(retina), the safari toolbar on the bottom is overlapping with a piece of the gamescreen. I noticed this also with TrueValhalla's games, are there any workarounds for that?? Thanks!
  9. I used to program Android apps natively but am now using Monkey as my game engine. Great to see other monkey users on this forum
  10. Awesome to see that you can make quite some money with HTML5 games I see that you're only selling non-exclusive licenses for your games. Is it a common practice to only sell non-exclusive licenses for HTML5 games?? Oh and the games that have Leadbolt ads in them, do you also sell non-exclusive licenses for those or no? Or are those games that you publish by yourself??
  11. Hey guys!! I'm new too on this forum I'm also looking at how to get publishers or sponsors for my games. I see there are different licenses but what type of license do you guys usually use?? An exclusive or non-exclusive license?? Also when I sell an exclusive license of my game in HTML5 is it still legal to independently make a native Android/IOS app for it?? Or can I only do this when selling non-exclusive licenses??