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  1. I filled out the form as well, but no response yet. Filled it out after they posted.
  2. If you are offering to purchase these games "non exclusively", that is, for $200 (or whatever) you buy the rights to place them on your site, but you also allow the developer to sell them on other sites (and make money from those sites as well). If you want 'exclusive' rights, then the developer may only sell them to you, no one else, but then of course, you are the only place people may come to play that game, so there's a tradeoff.
  3. Aww did there have to be pandas?
  4. Great looking game! This will be a good html5 port I think, good luck!
  5. Hi there, Are you needing both design (artwork) and development or development only?
  6. Update: We are still taking applications for this position as our team grows. If you are interested please feel free to submit your info, I will update the main post each week and state when we are no longer accepting applications. Thank you!
  7. Yes we are waiting until 8/26/16 for applicants to send us their information, and then will be making a decision soon afterwards.
  8. UPDATE: Positions are still available as we continue to grow. This post will update when we are no longer accepting applications! Our team is looking for experienced HTML5 developers who are able to join our team immediately as remote freelancers. Duties will range from creating mini games, to full HTML5 games (using Phaser) in addition to simpler conversions. With this in mind, we need a developer who is dedicated, hard working, extremely knowledgeable and who takes pride in his or her product. The position will start with a few simple minigame projects, and has plenty of room to grow for the right candidate into more work, including full html5 games, conversions and more. Payment is based on hourly work, with payment delivered each week. Strong English speaking and communication is mandatory! You may be asked to work in some, or all of the following areas. Please note that you do not have to have experience in all of the areas, and that is ok! Flash: The native files and file assets you may be converting are in .fla format. Slack: With all projects, we do require a very open communication dialogue. We use Slack for our team conversations. HTML5: You will be converting and/or creating HTML5 games for mobile, tablet, and all platforms. Git Repository: Experience with GIT is a plus, but can train for this. Phaser: Phaser knowledge is a must! You should demonstrate a mastery with all of it’s features, and have titles in your portfolio using the framework. Additional Skills: Experience in other languages, libraries and tools will be useful, so please include any additional skills you may have in your initial contact with us.Our projects all require precise skills, a quick turnaround time, and an extremely high quality product. We concentrate on polish such as tweens, particles and little details that give life to each game. Having an eye for game design and well polished end results are critical! The three biggest things we look for are excellent communication skills, the ability to not only develop exactly what is given to you, but also contribute new ideas and creative thinking, and finally timeliness. You must be available between 11am to 8pm EST Monday through Friday. Our workload is heavy, so being available during these hours are critical! Please submit your portfolio and hourly wage requirements to jobs @, thanks!
  9. This is a hard question to answer with a flat statement. It depends on so many factors. Obviously the quality of the artist will dictate a large portion of the price, in a sense, the rule 'you get what you pay for' applies. However there are outliers to this rule. Some artists are overpriced for their quality, and others underpriced. To some extent, the style of the artwork will also become a factor. You will see variations in pixel, vector, and painted/bashed styles. There is also location and contract length to consider that will affect the price. It will depend on how the contract is setup as to how you pay them. This too can be affected by different reasons. How do you bill your client? Do they require hourly pricing or per diem/per job pricing? Does the artist have a preference or demand? You'll likely have to be flexible and find a setup that works for each job. If the client and artists don't have restrictions on it, you can likely do what fits best for you. If they do, you'll have to find a way to meet with their needs, or possible negotiate a middle ground.
  10. I'm confused as to the payment you are offering in this position, is there any compensation for the artwork that is being done for you? Or are you taking the artwork provided from the artists, using your programmers and publishing the game under your brand name? Can you go into a little more detail about this?
  11. Very very nice. Absolutely great work here.
  12. Awesome, and congrats! Excited to see this. Nice steam page too, love the humor mixed in with the details in the vid and page, especially this bit: “White Snake: Fa Hai, you do not know love” Xiao Meng, on a Chinese website that stole our game (Google translated)
  13. Hi Virge, On desktop (win/chrome for me) resolutions, I'm at 1920x1080 for example, the background doesn't scale well, as shown above. It stretches too much vertically and horizontally. I would consider tiling your bg in x, and capping the height in y and using the top most color blue of your gradient as a canvas color so this isn't an issue. Nice game!
  14. Nice. This was one of the first things I made in html5 (private and smaller as a hobby). Got a big soft spot for this game. Keep up the good work!