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  1. thank you for the example of code. But often sponsor add game by use iFrame. And I can't add limitation for iFrames.
  2. How to get a domain name of the top level window? When I try to get domain by use window.top.location.hostname, I got security error: Uncaught SecurityError: Blocked a frame with origin "http://my_game.com" from accessing a frame with origin "http://top_level.com". Protocols, domains, and ports must match.
  3. Hi, Open for collaboration. we have example of the pool game http://angry-animals.net/html5/pooltable1/pooltable1.html other portfolio http://www.diazor.com/HTML5-games.html Contacts: vladyslav.kulyk (At) gmail.com Regards, Vlad
  4. Hi, Open for collaboration. Portfolio http://www.diazor.com/HTML5-games.html Contacts: vladyslav.kulyk (At) gmail.com Regards, Vlad
  5. Open for collaboration. Our portfolio http://www.diazor.com/HTML5-games.html
  6. Developers looking for HTML5 projects (mobile, desktop). Our advantage is: - good speed performance on the mobile devices - animation of sprites - Box2D – experience of using and optimization - auto scaling for various mobile/desktop screen resolutions - art optimization for mobile devices - correct work on the mobile and desktop browsers - team with experience in HTML5 - portfolio -- http://www.diazor.com/HTML5-games.html With hope for the future cooperation, Vlad Kulyk CEO | Founder | Game Developer DIAZOR
  7. Dear Colleagues, Let me present for you for your reviewing the Google Web Designer. https://www.google.com/webdesigner/ From my point of view this program will be interesting for creation of HTML5 banners and may be for the simple HTML5 games. Regards, Vlad
  8. Hi Newbie, I have found info in FAQ ... "Does it matter whether I submit a web app or native app? Your app can be either a native app or web app, but remember, HTML5 apps are eligible for an additional $50,000 cash prize!"https://developer.tizen.org/contests/tizen-app-challenge/faq If be honest with you I am new with Tizen. And my next conclusion probably should be corrected by users with experience...They need HTML5 games created by using Tizen SDK (including their API). And additional info:Using the Tizen Web APIs, you can develop rich Web applications and build great app experiences wi
  9. Hi colleagues, Let me create my first port with info about contest "Tizen App Challenge" on the Tizen platform: https://developer.tizen.org/contests/tizen-app-challenge Hope this info will be interesting for you. Regards, Vlad
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