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  1. Wow, I use to check MarketJS in order to keep me updated, as they are one of the old publishers in the HTML5 market. It's very sad to see that these guys are taking that path simply copying other games ideas including level design...
  2. Very nice game, I really enjoyed it! Some tips: - It ran very slow during the tutorial in my iPod Touch 5G, after that, the framerate was nice; - The portrait viewport is a little small in my 4" screen device, maybe you can zoom-in it a little? That's it! Good luck with sales.
  3. Sounds nice. However, as Ozdy says, all is in Chinese and I can't found a way of register myself in the portal (unfortunately google translate is not good enough in this specific case).
  4. Awesome game! It ran smooth on my iPod Touch 5G. Please, let my know if you are planning an Android release.
  5. Hi! The first link looks ok here. I added a alternate one for you.
  6. Thank you so much for your feed back, @boulder.Yea, it is a little hectic, but there is a good reason IMHO: difficulty level. The game mechanics is quite simple, so a good way to challenge the player and keep his attention in the game is with a good amount of fast elements and troubles.I'll try to slow down it in the next update, though.
  7. Hello, I'm publishing my second game for the HTML5 market: Hungry Joe. Description: Help Joe to eat all fruits that fall from the sky. Be careful, chillies and others surprises may appear. Aspects: Full HTML5 game, touch or click control;Endless gameplay with achievements;Easy localization, all text are in a TXT file;Step-by-step tutorial;Music & SFX (Compatible with iOS 6.0 or later and Android gadgets with Google Chrome ).Images: Please, let me know if you have any problem or feedback If you want to buy this game, please get in touch here. Play Here Alternate link
  8. How about Game Maker: Studio? You can make HTML5 games and native (windows/android/ios) as well. It is also a very accessible tool for newbies
  9. I'm using 1.4 (EA, actually) and the performance was really improved in non-webgl games, especially if you organize carefully your texture-pages. About the fonts, I had a problem with a old font that didn't want to render special characters, but all I did to solve the problem was choose another font. No render problems in HTML5. In fact, "high quality" checkbox works nice for me. Have you tried EA version?
  10. Let's talk about portrait VS landscape games? My first game was developed for landscape view, and it looks nice in tablets, PCs and most Android devices. However, iOS 7.0 Safari's restrictions with the address bar was very annoying... And "minimal-ui" deprecation in the latest iOS 8 beta is scaring my again. It's not easy make a portrait game looks "beautiful" in a PC/tablet, and some sponsors want that our HTML5 games look professional in every platform. I'm creating a portrait view of my game Square Puzzle only for phones and maintaining the landscape view for tablets/PCs, but is a very time consuming work... What do you think about this problem? It worth create a casual game with two views (landscape+portrait) in order to increase chances of making a sale?
  11. Confirmed. The sound bug isn't present in the latest early-access version (1.99.168) My game is now have loaded and ran correctly in Android default browser.
  12. The sound system works well in all devices I tested with 1.2.1279 version.
  13. Using 1.2.1279 yet. 1.3 stable has a bug in the sound system that break your HTML5 games in Android default browser... Discussion here.
  14. Good luck! I recommend you to check this post. No everyone are happy or agree with these requirements, but could facilitate your sales.