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  1. Thank you, I made a duplicate set of assets with 0.5 scale. it works now
  2. alex_h, did you find a solution? I have the same problem now - game loads too long on iPhone 3gs. I have one 2048x2048 texture atlas. Also I tried to split this atlas to 3 1024x1024, remove the all audio, but I got same problem.
  3. Sergey, I see that you uses 2048 texture for this game. Did you test it on low/mid-level Android devices? Some old iPods,Androids and iPhone 3g don't support 2048 images. Sponsors are ok with it? I want to use 2048 texture too since it requires less draw calls.
  4. Game works great on iPhone4 with iOS6
  5. I uses It's great and simple to use.
  6. Very polished game! My test results: iPad 3, iOS 7: works great, iPhone 4, iOS 6: very slow 2-5FPS
  7. Fun little game! And I think it can be more fun with upgrades
  8. Unfortunately bug isn't fixed. You can use emulator to find it: It happens only on iOS6. The game works great on iOS 7
  9. Performance is great on iPad 3 and iPhone 4. But I got the bug after device rotation:
  10. K1kk0z90, can you test the Battle Fish game on Nokia Lumia 520 please?
  11. I have tested on these devices: iPhone 4 - works great iPad 3 - works great iPad 1 - works great LG-E435 (Android 4.1.2) - FPS drops, but it's still playable